Dinesh K

Full stack and digital developer with totally 8 years of experience in developing back-end and front-end features for global companies. My goal is to be an innovative Software Engineer, specializing in the field of front end and back end. I am committed to continuous learning and advancing current software engineering practices.

Associate Developer
Tamil Nadu, IN
[email protected]


Work Experience

Wipro Limited, Associate Developer, Aug 2019 ~ Present

Responsible for application code and working in Insurance logic's.
Handling Database scripts and report generations.
Gathering requirements from Business team and underwriters.
Responsible for code change deliverable and Critical Incident tickets.

Cognizant Technology and Solutions., Associate Developer, Jun 2016 ~ Aug 2019

Implementing features on our internally and publicly client web application.
Responsible for application code and designing.
Gathering requirements from client/Business team and estimation.
Responsible for database and front end design.

Pathfinder Business Analysis Pvt Ltd, Software Developer, Jun 2012 ~ Jul 2015

Responsible for application code.
Handling Database and reports.
Creating test cases and LLD (Low Level Design).
Involved in analyzing and designing the classes needed for the application.

Technology Stack

Language Skills

  • C# and ASP.Net
  • MVC 4
  • Angular 6
  • Node js
  • Azure


  • SQL 2008 R2 and 2012. Table creations, store procedure and monitoring.
  • No SQL like Mongo DB.
  • Oracle


  • Java Script
  • Jquery
  • Type Script
  • Jquery Ajax

Web designing

  • HTML5 
  • CSS3 
  • Bootstrap

Soft Skills

  • Strong Communication skill to collaborate with stack holders. 
  • Time Management skill to delivered task on time with high Quality. 

3rd-Party tools

  • Angular Materials.
  • Robo 3T.
  • High Charts.


Maharaja Engineering Collage, Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Computer Science, 2009 ~ 2011

Engineering in Computer Science, Graduated May 2011 with 82%.

Ruthraveni Polytechnic, High School Diploma, Computer Science, 2005 ~ 2008

Diploma in Computer Science, Graduated April 2008 with 89%.

GBHSS, SSLC, 2005 

Graduated March 2005 with 62%.

Project Experience

Polaris system, Aug 2019 ~ Present

Polaris is a claim management system developed by using Asp.net for front end and SQL is for Database.

This Portal helps to Rate, Quote, Policy Build and Endorsements of Policies. Also it contains various reports like UW report, Agency and Application report etc.,

  • Handling database and reports.
  • Working in various kinds of Line of Business and its rating calculations(GL, PR, IM, CR, AL, XS etc.,) like Base premium, Modified Premium, Building and Content Limits, Data Compromise and Cyber Premium calculations.
  • Working in Rating worksheet and its algorithm logic's.
  • Working with Rate and it's Factors for all LOB's.
  • Extracting active forms from database and generated reports, generating Property Baseline Report, Bound Policy Report, Entity Contact Report, Bound Producer Report and Producer Contact Report
  • Working in Polaris Rating Limits & Deductible for Casualty and Auto Physical Damage LOB.
  • Working in Policy Quote screen like Pricing, Fees, Commission, Pre binding, Payment Plan and Complete Binding logic's.
  • Working in Policy Build logic's and it's related forms.
  • Working in Policy Endorsements for coverage's.

Business Health Dashboard, Jun 2016 ~ Aug 2019

This project is developed for leading IT Company in Florida, USA. Loan information management system. 

A multi-user client application for servicing of installment loans specifically designed for the auto finance business. Its focus is for those companies that purchase either originated or seasoned (aged) loans, singularly or in bulk (packages) from auto dealers. 

  • Handling Front End design using bootstrap.
  • Writing code for get and post data's using node js.
  • Developing Mongo db collections.
  • Fetching user logo using LDAP.
  • Hosting application and node js in IIS and Azure.

Loan Information Management System, Jun 2014 ~ July 2015

By using this application, the client offers a loan for taxpayers during tax seasons developed by Java. 

Tax season starts from October to February every year. This application helps to get instant cash advance (ICA) loan very efficiently.

  •  Preparing sql procedures for various reports. 
  •  Creating test case and LLD(Low level design).
  •  Used ADO extensively to access the MS SQL database. 
  •  Written Triggers and Cursors using SQL   Server. Involved in Unit Testing and Customer support.
  • Handling Front End design using bootstrap.
  • Developing some of main functionalities like instant cash method and it's related logic's.
  • Developed some of main reports like taxpayers expiration details, loan option details and payment mode reports.
  • Working in some of main functionalities in this applications.
  • Worked on database jobs and it's related functionalities.
  • Implementing Entity Frame work for connecting database server.

Cost to Serve, Jan 2012 ~ May 2014

Overall C2S objective is to achieve 40% cost reduction from the Baseline cost for all projects. 

This application mainly created for Project Managers. Once project Manager will enter the basic details like developer details, ticket count and effort spent by individual developers C2S engine will compute the C2S reduction percentage for recommended project and project manager would receive the reduction percentage.

  • Developing of new functionalities and Enhancements. 
  • Dealing with clients and gather requirements.
  • Designed front-end using bootstrap HTML5 and CSS3. 
  • Used Jquery ajax call for get and post data. 
  • Developed reports using Crystal report tool.


I hereby declare that all the above details and particulars furnished by me are true to the best of knowledge.

Dinesh K.
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