Han Chih Hsu(Dio Hsu)

- More than 10 years of experience in WEB and software development, greatly at WEB development, requirements, and architecture planning.
- More than 8 years of experience in project management, adept at project progress control, communication and integration with cross-departmental, and taking the appropriate position to maximize workforce effectiveness.
- More than 5 years of experience in large-scale e-commerce, assisting more than 20 customer platforms to import integration and training.
- Schedule-Man,follow and constantly look for a planned and efficient work mode. "Play Hard, Work Hard."
- Keen on Scrum, Agile idea, and working hard to implement it.
- Moods are processed first and then things.

Work Experience

Technical Product Manager

InnoSpan Tech Ltd •  Oct 2020 - Dec 2021

Project in charge:Online and offline OMO platform system (POS APP + Web EC)

Work Content:
     ✖ Managed a team of 4:4RD ( 2 Backend、1 Frontend、1 APP ).
     ✖ Planed the product, and discussed with the team how to coordinate the project operation and functional feasibility.
     ✖ Planed product functions and make PRD, Wireframe(Axure), clarify business logic and system flow.

     ✖ Communicated and integrated with cross-departmental: marketing, business, RD, design.
     ✖ Discussed and communicated with third-party manufacturers: logistics providers, cash flow providers, invoice providers.
     ✖ Overall product architecture and database planning (AWS).
     ✖ Product schedule planning and allocation of development resources.
     ✖ Program development(Python Vue).
     ✖ Import and plan various workflows and Tools(Scrum、CI/CD)。

Work results:
     ✖ Internal communication is more transparent and smooth because of the Scrum workflow.

     ✖ Import the CI/CD process (with Scrum) to effectively and quickly iterate and maintain product quality. 80% reduction from 100 bugs per iteration.
     ✖ Launch the product to the market and reach 150 customers within half a year.

Technical Product Manager

Awoo Co., Ltd  •  Jun 2019 - Sep 2020

Project in charge:EDM platform、AI tag in integration

Work Content
     ✖ Product technical evaluation.
     ✖ Interdepartmental communication and integration:AI、RD、CTSCS
     ✖ Discussed and communicated with third-party manufacturers: APP platform, logistics providers, cash flow providers, invoice providers, SMS manufactures.
     ✖ PoC function with the customer.
     ✖ Management of product schedule.
     ✖ Optimize the internal workflow of the department.
     ✖ Assist CS technical support.
     ✖ Develop technical department KPIs (OKR promotion).

Work results
     ✖ Plan and integrate CS technical support process, effectively reduce CS trivial inquires, no longer need to wait for engineers to confirm, and report problems to customers as soon as possible.
     ✖ Lead the department to run in small steps, and the original update once a month has been increased to a field one every two weeks.
     ✖ Transformed Scrum method to improve the efficiency and results of each meeting (meeting time is 3-4 hours, shortened to 1 hour).

Project Manager

Wabow Co., Ltd  •  Oct 2013 - May 2019

Project in charge:Large e-commerce shopping website

Work Content
     ✖ Managed a team of 10:Backend RD
     ✖ Interviews with customer needs, functional evaluation, and quotation.
     ✖ Act as the first window for customers, assist and analyze and clarify problems at the first time, and bring them back to the engineering team.

     ✖ Inter-departmental communication and integration: RD, CTS, external design.
     ✖ Discussed and communicated with third-party manufacturers: marketing companies, logistics vendors, cash flow vendors, invoice vendors, SMS vendors.
     ✖ System architecture evaluation and planning.
     ✖ Abnormal system monitoring planning.
     ✖ Internal system development planning.

     ✖ Program development.

     ✖ Optimize team process (Scrum) and guide team activities.
     ✖ Introduct new technology and apply it in practice.
     ✖ Import automated development processes (CI/CD, Coding-Style, automated testing).
     ✖ Leading the sharing of reading clubs.
     ✖ Seek out the team's external technical support grant.
     ✖ Cultivate fresh people.

     ✖ KPI formulation.
     ✖ Salary structure formulation.

Work results

     ✖ Plan a series of system monitoring and follow-up processes to reduce problem-solving time and improve customer trust.
Optimize the online process of new projects, adjust relevant people and other pre-planned plans, synchronize with customers, let customers know the process instead of waiting, and gradually implement them in the plan, successfully reducing the occurrence of unpredictable situations and customer anger possibility.
     The client made a major revision and planned planning, which successfully shortened the time when the website could not be used normally and shortened the time by 30%.
Establish error-proofing mechanisms and processes both internally and externally, and formulate SOPs for each mistake to prevent mistakes next time.
     Establish company activities (not limited to departments, reading clubs, technical discussions), bring out positive thinking, and share how to apply it in life or practice in work. A positive working atmosphere will have good work results.
Find the Scrum process suitable for the company and successfully bring about changes in the department team:
- Be transparent about things and times, and better know who needs assistance.
          - Colleagues automatically assist each other.
- Treat all projects as everyone's projects, no longer irrelevant.
          Activates the atmosphere between departments and generates good airflow.
     ✖ Import Coding Review, improve project quality by 10%-20% and improve RD technical capabilities.
Planed out the process and model for cultivating fresh people, shortened the training from 3 months to 1 month, and successfully brought the right people and combat power to the company.

Software Engineer


Responsible for the project:e-book for APP & Web

Work Content
     ✖ Communicate with PM about the feasibility of requirements

     ✖ Cooperate with the design of website development
     ✖ Develop web and mobile versions of e-books
     ✖ Research new technologies

Development Engineer

MEDIA FEDERAL CO., LTD.  •  Mar 2011 - Oct 2011

Responsible for the project:Project website program development(e-book, shopping mall, motorcycle parts website, 360-degree view of the house)

Work Content
Communicate project content and feasibility with business
     ✖ Cooperate with the design of website development
     ✖ Program development

PHP Development engineer

MDTech  •  Apr 2005 - Feb 2011

Project in chargedevelopment of various project programs (buying and selling houses, social networking sites, accounting systems, sports lottery sites, real estate, used car sales, advertising campaigns, magazine social networking sites, clothing sites, coffee brand image sites)

Work Content
     ✖ Manage a team of 2: Backend RD
Interviews with customers, functional planning, and schedule evaluation.
     ✖ Act as the first window for customers, assist and analyze and clarify problems at the first time, and bring them back to the engineering team.
System Architecture, Program planning.
Program development.

Work results
     ✖ Divide each project analysis into sub-items and distribute them, effectively control the time, and submit them to the customer within the promised time.


Taipei City University of Science and Technology

Department of International Trade

1997 - 2002

Project Skills

  • Project planning
  • quality╱Risk Management
  • Project progress control
  • Project Communication╱Integration Management
  • System Integration

Project Tools

  • Scrum
  • XMind
  • Trello
  • Jira
  • Axure
  • XD


  • Chinese (native speaker)
  • Taiwanese dialect  (native speaker)
  • Engilsh (studied)



  • PHP - Laravel、Yii、CI、Slim
  • Python - Flask
  • Javascript - Vue、JQuery
  • Smarty
  • Restful API


  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • AWS - Lambda、EC2、RDS、CloudFront、S3
  • Linux


  • Git
  • Docker
  • CI/CD
  • Swagger
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