Divyesh Parekh

Senior Software Developer
Bangalore, IN
[email protected] | (+91)8050602727 

BMS College of Engineering

Full Stack coding enthusiast with 5+ years of experience in Web Development. Polyglot Programmer proficient in Django(Python), Spring Boot(Java) and AngularJS. Worked with AWS, Continuous Integration(Jenkins). 


Software Developer II, Dec 2018 - present

Helped in designing and developing an application for profitability. Worked with AWS Athena and AWS Glue for data stores.

Completely designed and developed an application that would create ERP reports by interacting with different services like Receipts, Invoicing, Profitability and Cash Application

Helped to develop an application that would allow to generate custom Invoices as per client requirements.

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Software Designer II, March 2017 - Dec 2018

Helped in Improving the UI and UX. Added new components and tools. Implemented the web workers which helped to increase the efficiency of loading the initial page by 80%.

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Tech Associate, July 2016 - March 2017

Developed a Product for Nexus VP, Created an Enterprise-grade Secure Document management system for a VC Firm which helped them to save hundreds of man-hours. Was a one-man army to handle the complete project, from Architecture Design to Development to Deployment on AWS.

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Tech Analyst, June 2015 - July 2016

Owned and Handled the Individual Integrations for HipChat on my own. Was responsible for End-to-end Development of Integrations for Facebook, Google Drive, Hangouts, Appear.in.

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Intern, Jan 2015 - June 2015

Worked on HipChat Integration. Worked as a part of a team to work to create integrations of Twitter, Trello, Asana

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Work Projects

ERP Integration

Developed a Microservice that interact with various services like Invoicing service, Receipt Service, Payment Service to get the cash flow with-in the organization

Tools Used: Spring boot(Java 8) and MySQL


Worked on developing an application that would allow to generate custom invoices based of the specified configuration

Tools Used: Spring Boot and gradle


(Configuration as a Service)

Worked to develop User Interface for Users to configuration for Network Controller using Cloud Interface.

Tools Used: Angular JS, HTML, CSS, git and gulp


(Service Controller UI) 

Worked to provide support to improve the User Interface and remove the unexpected behaviour in the User Interface.

Tools Used: Angular JS, HTML and CSS

Nexus VP

Developed a Product for Nexus VP, Created an Enterprise-grade Secure Document management system that would read a CSV file and generate 100s of PDFs to be shared with specific Limited Partners

Tools Used: AWS EBS, RDS and S3 for the deployment, Python, Django, HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery, CSS

HipChat Integration

Developed Various integrations for HipChat which allow user to get updates from different application in HipChat. Was Responsible for End to End development of the integration. 

Tools Used: Python, Flask, MongoDB, HTML, CSS and jQuery.

Key Strengths

  • Fast Learner
  • Logical Thinker
  • Creative Problem Solver
  • Team Player


  • Backend: Python, DJango, Flask, NodeJs, Spring boot MicroServices, Java
  • DBMS: MySQL, MongoDB, Athena.
  • User Interface: HTML5, CSS3.
  • Frontend: AngularJS, Angular, jQuery, Javascript, React Js.


  • 25​th out of 608 teams in India in “IEEEXtreme7.0”.
  • First ​in Techathalon event at IGNIUM 2013
  • “Best Performer​” and “Top Impactor​” in Hashedin Technologies
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