Tips for Managing Your Schedule Like a Pro

I travel very often and almost never stay in one place for a very long time. Unlike other bloggers, I write three posts per day, as well as three videos a week for my YouTube channel. My readers ask me how I manage to do all this and whether someone helps me with this. In fact, I have no helpers; I do absolutely everything on my own since I can optimize my time. Time management is one of the most essential skills of a modern person, which allows you to improve your life and not limit yourself to work and TV.

But what am I talking about, what is time management and how exactly will it help you become better and more successful? Before I created my blog, I was a really lazy person; it seemed to me that I never had enough time to change something in my life. I always found reasons to do my paper, get online help with custom essays and for three years my life was ordinary and predictable: I went to work five times a week and watched Netflix or played on the PlayStation 4 (in fact, it’s still one of my favorite activities, but I don’t allow them to take all my time) and met with friends over the weekend to discuss how hard my life is.

Let me now tell you a very familiar situation that each of us most likely encountered. You have some brilliant ideas for a business, or you want to learn some new skills. In the first few days after an idea popped into your mind, you often think about it, imagine how you will be proud of yourself when you achieve your goal. But after one or two weeks, your enthusiasm is lost, and you have not even attempted to start something, because it seems to you that in order to succeed you need to spend a lot of time and energy that you don’t have. Two weeks later, you continue to live just like you used to live before, go to a job that doesn’t please you, and you continue to dream that everything will change soon.

If this situation is not familiar to you, congratulations, you are a happy person, and you don’t have to read this article. Those others who are familiar with this situation, especially before the new year, when you give yourself promises to change your life in the new year, but as a result, you are not doing anything. You, friends, are not alone, such is the peculiarity of the modern world and the modern man.

So, what is time management?

 In simple words, it is an organization of time and an increase in the efficiency of its use. Time management can help you get a number of skills, learn how to achieve your goals, and generally learn how to use time more efficiently. The duration of one day is 24 hours and for each person, this amount is the same, but some people do only a few tasks a day, while other people plan their time and have the opportunity to do significantly more tasks. For example, to learn a skill you need to spend 100 hours and many people do not go to the next stage, but give up their goals from the very beginning, since they consider that 100 hours is too much. But if you look at it from the other side, you need to spend only one hour per day for three months in order to master the new skill. After I realized how many opportunities I lost due to the fact that I could not start managing my time promptly, I found for myself several methods to increase the efficiency of using time and I want to share them with you. Thus, I bring to your attention five tips for managing your schedule like a pro.

  1. Get a notebook. First, I purchased an expensive quality notebook, which I used to manage my time. Every evening I spend about 20 minutes drawing up a plan of action for the next day, I write down all the tasks that I need to complete and create a schedule. The schedule allows me to clearly understand what I have to do and how much time I have for this. I also use a notebook to write down the various ideas that I have, as well as the various notes that I use in the future.
  2. Download the app to your smartphone for time management. Most likely you had no idea, but there are a huge number of different applications for time management for both iOS and Android. I use the Todoist app and recommend it to you, because, in my opinion, it has all the necessary features and is also completely free. In fact, you can choose any application that will meet your needs.
  3.  Find a hobby and develop a habit of doing it. I always dreamed of creating a blog and sharing some information with readers. For three years, I constantly put off creating a blog because I was not confident in my abilities. But one day I paid for the hosting, bought a domain, and wrote the first post. I decided that I should publish three new posts daily. The content of the posts did not matter much, because my blog was completely unpopular, but within two months I learned how to publish posts regularly and their quality increases every day. Of course, at first, it was very hard for me and I wanted to give it up because I was not motivated enough. But in my notebook, I make 1 hour every day for blogging, and I was able to develop a habit quickly.
  4.  Set deadlines. To be honest, I always put off work until the last moment and start doing it only when the deadline is too close. Even now I am very lazy to do anything without a deadline, so I myself set deadlines. I make my daily plans so that I don’t have the opportunity to finish the job later or postpone it. If you do not have the opportunity to finish the job you started later, you will be forced to finish it right away, which also helps to develop the habit.
  5. Treat yourself. Allow yourself to rest once a week, set aside your business, and do what you did before. For example, once a week I allow myself to play PlayStation or watch That 70s Show all day. Thus, I recharge and the next day I am ready to work and achieve new goals. In fact, a year later I don't need a cheat day, but this approach was essential at the very beginning of my transformation.

In fact, there are a huge number of different methods for managing your own time, but I learned from my own experience that these are the most effective approaches. These five tips for managing your schedule like a pro are just my vision and approach to time optimization, and if you have any additional tips or want to share your experience, feel free to comment on this post, I will be glad to know your opinion on this matter.

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