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Linda Hu |胡嘉倫

UI/UX Designer

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I am an UI/UX designer proficient in logical Flow Chart planning, excelling in UI Design that possesses feasibility and aesthetics.

Graphic Design and Digital Art were my primary stepping stone to the creative industry. These experiences have enriched my subsequent works with high level of design standard.

After completion of a Master of Arts degree in England, I began my career as a designer in 2013. I have since had 4+ years of experiences in developing Mobile App projects with industry professionals.

I am familiar with the process of Agile Development but also willing to adapt. I also enjoy teamwork, collaborations, and learning new skills.


UI/UX Design

Users are our audience. My design aims for the ultimate user friendly experiences as well as maintaining aesthetic.

Graphic Design

A focus on conveying core concepts through beautiful arrangements of graphic and typography.

Digital Arts

An exploration from traditional to contemporary ideas that inspires imagination.


Birmingham City University

(MA) Visual Communication

2011 ~ 2012

Specific Studying:
★ Creative Thinking Methods
★ Typeface Studying
★ Corporate Identity Studying
★ Advertisement Design


(BA) 社會發展學系 & 藝術與設計學系

2005 ~ 2010


Gamania Digital Entertainment

UI/UX Designer

May 2014 ~ Jun 2018

All Projects went through the Agile Development Process. As a professional team member, I have rich experience of collaborating closely with cross-functional team and accomplished numerous features in the projects.

My procedure begins with Competitor Analysis before mapping out a feature; then brainstorm several ideas, draw up UI Flows, and design Pixel Perfect GUI for cross-platform & multi-device.

As a designer, I am also responsible for arranging a set of UI style guide for project to ensure style consistency and display branding.

​UI/UX Process:
★ Map
★ UI Flow
★ Wireframe
★ Mockup
★ Manual Testing
★ Redesign and Optimization

Research Method:
★ Competitor Analysis

Graphic Design:
★ Style Guide of App UI
★ Marketing Materials
★ Print Production
★ Banner Ads


UI/UX Designer

Jul 2013 ~ Feb 2014

While working, I went through comprehensive training of flow chart planning.

I have learnt that a logical flow increases development efficiency, feature usability, as well as bringing on the most important user friendly experience.

UI/UX Process:
★ Map
★ Use Cases/User Scenarios
★ Task Flow
★ Screen Flow
★ UI Flow
★ Wireframe
★ Mockup

Graphic Design:
★ Print Production
★ Publication Design

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ideal Marry

Create your perfect wedding!


beanfun! is a new social entertainment media application. 

Users can connect with people through convenient chat features in beanfun! 

The application is available on:


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BeanGo! Is projected as a featured social media application. Users can set a pet avatar as self portrayed image.  ​

Moreover, users are allowed to not only message people by using text, voice, photo, video, stickers and share locations, but also to hold events and exploring other users nearby, making it easier to get in touch with other users as a result. 

The application is available on:




Sketch / Photoshop / Illustrator / Indesign / Zeplin /

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