Dostonbek Rustamov

iOS Developer

From 2018 to 2021, I was a 3d artist and designed models for various companies in the gaming industry.I began to study ios development and developed my first application which encrypts the entered text with popular encryption types. I am currently working at Oson - global payment system as an iOS developer to maintain the existing system and add new functionality.

  Tashkent, Uzbekistan    dostonru

Work Experience

iOS Developer  •  Brio Group

Rebuilt the old application with a new design. Added new features, thereby improving the user experience.          Proposed and implemented new animations of appearance/disappearance, transition between views. Created over 10 different custom view controllers.

January 2022 - Present

iOS Developer  •  Pet Projects

Developed an application for encrypting/decrypting text using the latest technologies in the Swift language.
Frameworks and tech used: SwiftUI, MVVM, Complex animations, Core Data

January 2021 - January 2022

Python Developer  •  Telegram Bots

Developed first bot to enhance student’s search for the exam rooms. Previously, we had to open an excell file, among which it is easy to get lost due to the large number of students. My bot sends the exam room in response to the student's id.              

I covered the second demand by developing a telegram bot to check current deadlines. Bot checks for which subjects you have deadlines according to the data you enter.

January 2020 - Present


2019 - 2023

INHA University in Tashkent • CSE (Computer Science Engineer)

Activities and societies: GameDev Club, Student Union

Improved the usability of the services provided by the university, by developing 2 telegram bots. (room checker, deadline checker) . Opened a mobile game development club to improve the development experience among students.


Telegram: @floaro
Phone: +998 90 337 22 78
Mail: [email protected]


  • Swift, Python, C
  • UIKit, SwiftUI, MapKit, SnapKit
  • Core Data, UserDefaults, NFC
  • Networking, Alamofire, Rest API
  • Unit Testing , UI Testing (XCTest)
  • Design Patterns 
  • MVVM, MVC, MVP, Clean Swift
  • CocoaPods, BitBucket, GitHub
  • Memory Management, Concurrency


  • Uzbek — Native
  • Russian — Bilingual
  • English — Professional
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