Douglas N Hornsby

Experienced Radiologist

A former combat medic with the U.S. Army and member of the U.S. Navy Reserves, Douglas N. Hornsby, MD, has earned a Purple Heart, a Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, The Air Medal, and both a Silver Star and a Bronze Star for valor. As a physician, Douglas N. Hornsby, MD, was named “Best Resident” by the Mount Sinai Medical Center and “Best Resident in Florida” by the Florida Radiological Society. The Douglas N. Hornsby, Leadership Award has been presented by the Florida Radiological Society since 2004. Dr. Hornsby has previously served on The Florida Board of Medical Governors.. Dr. Hornsby is the current President of The Florida Radiological Society.

After completing his residency in 2001 at Mount Sinai, Dr. Douglas Hornsby completed a fellowship in radiology management and body imaging through Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Since 2002, he has operated Digital Radiology in North Bay Village, Florida. The teleradiology services provider operates in multiple states. Dr. Hornsby is Director of Radiology of Douglas Gardens Hospital in Miami. Dr. Hornsby founded Digital Radiology, inc, which owns and operates multiple medical imaging centers in Georgia and Florida.

Outside the professional arena, Dr. Hornsby serves as vice president of the Optimist Club of North Bay Village and sits on the board of the Miami Shores Chamber of Commerce, and is a member of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. He is also a lifetime member of Mensa International and is the current Vice-Chairperson of the Mensa Scholarship Committee. He is a former City Commissioner and current Chairperson of the Planning and Zoning Board.

North Bay Village, FL, US

Work Experience

Mar 2002 - Present

Digital Radiology, inc.

Oct 2002 - Dec 2005

Chairman, Department of Radiology
South Shore Hospital

Dec 1979 - Nov 1989

Digital Radiology Inc


Jul 2001 - Jun 2003

Harvard/Brigham Women's

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