Dr Michael Sawaf

Dr. Michael Sawaf stands at the forefront of transformative dental care, redefining the standards of precision in Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics. He lives in Brentwood, TN, a suburb close to Nashville and Franklin, TN where he practices. He used to practice in Knoxville. Nestled in the heart of Franklin, TN, his distinguished practice is not merely a clinic but a testament to a career driven by academic excellence, diverse experiences, and an unyielding commitment to setting new benchmarks in patient care.

Born in the enchanting city of Catania, Dr. Sawaf's early fascination with medical sciences propelled him to the esteemed halls of Boston University. Here, he earned his D.M.D, laying the foundation for what would become a brilliant career in dentistry. However, driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge, he pursued a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Orthodontics (C.A.G.S) at Jacksonville University—a distinction that sets him apart in his field.

Dr. Sawaf's journey extends beyond academia, reflecting a spirit of service and leadership forged during his tenure as a Naval Officer. Serving prominently at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, he played a pivotal role as an assistant director of the general practice residency program from 2001 to 2004. This diverse experience uniquely positioned him at the intersection of disciplined military precision and the nuanced art of dental science.

Board-certified by The American Board of Orthodontics in 2007, with recertifications in 2012 and 2020, Dr. Sawaf remains a pioneer in orthodontic advancements. His affiliations with esteemed bodies, including the American Association Of Orthodontists and The American Dental Association, underscore his stature in the dental community.

At the core of Dr. Sawaf's philosophy is an unwavering emphasis on precision. His guiding principle, "We can do so much more with braces today than we could a generation ago," reverberates through every facet of his practice in Franklin. Each patient's smile transformation is a meticulous fusion of artistic finesse and state-of-the-art orthodontic science.

Beyond the clinic, Dr. Sawaf is a relentless advocate for continual learning. Actively engaging with peers, participating in global orthodontic conferences, and contributing to academic discourse, he ensures that his practice and the broader community stay synchronized with the latest innovations.

In essence, Dr. Michael Sawaf's narrative is one of passion, precision, and an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of orthodontic possibilities. His journey stands as a guiding light, shaping the future of orthodontic care with each precision-driven smile transformation.

  Franklin, TN, USA   

Work Experience

Orthodontist  •  Cool Water Orthodontics

November 2007 - Present

State of the art orthodontic practice for adults and children.


2004 - 2006

Jacksonville University


1991 - 1995

Boston University School of Medicine



  • Competitor analysis
  • Business research


  • Chinese - Native
  • English - Professional