Dr Tae Hoon Ha

Medical Professional

  Fremont, CA, USA

Dr Tae Hoon Ha MD is a highly skilled medical professional with extensive experience in both clinical medicine and biomedical research. Dr Tae Hoon Ha MD has strong analytical skills as a result of his extensive basic and clinical research background. Dr Tae Hoon Ha MD can become an invaluable asset for Biotech/Pharma/Medical Device companies specializing in the development of products pertinent to surgical fields.



Work Experience

Oct 2019-Present             Taelormade Academic Consulting                                                                                            Fremont, CA

Founder, Academic/Educational Consultant

  • Certified Tutor specializing in human anatomy/physiology, various sciences/mathematics subjects, standardized test prep; worked with students of all ages
  • As a College Admissions Consultant, extensive experience helping students with completing their college applications, editing their personal statements and supplemental essays, helping to organize school lists by carefully balancing credentials versus desires, and providing assistance with interviewing skills; assisted students to gain acceptance into various healthcare-associated graduate/professional schools (PA, Nursing, Medical School), as well as to competitive internship and research programs
  • As a Pre-College Mentor, helped students maximize their chance of college acceptances by actively planning and prepping for college entrance exams, utilizing their spare time to strengthen out-of- class qualifications and credentials, and learning about the process early so that they can make any necessary changes.

Mar 2019-Oct 2019        Oral and Facial Surgery of Wisconsin                                                                                     Menasha, WI

Oral Surgery Assistant, Office of Dr Tim Stevens

Functioned as First Assistant in various outpatient oral surgery procedures under conscious sedation 

   Jun 2015-Jun 2016                 Vascular Center of Intervention, Outpatient Vascular Surgery Center                 Fresno, CA

Chief Administrative Officer, Office of Dr. James Lee

  • Played key logistical role in helping to establish a brand new ambulatory surgery center
  • In charge of all responsibilities regarding office management and administrative tasks
  • As primary liaison coordinated and facilitated all company interactions and business transactions with pharmaceutical/biotech reps, including providing feedback and recommendations of their products
  • Involved in clinical responsibilities of direct patient care in the form of initial patient assessments, obtaining H&P, coordinating follow up care, acute and chronic wound care, and assisting in endovascular procedures.

Aug 2013-May 2014      Oregon Health and Science University                                                                                     Portland, OR

Medical Student Researcher, Dr. Brett Sheppard (HPB Surgery)

  • Obtained IRB and help to start a retrospective study to assess the long-term outcomes of adrenalectomies in the setting of aldosteronomas.

May 2011-Dec 2011      Oregon Health and Science University                                                                                     Portland, OR

Medical Student Researcher, Dr. Peter Kurre (Pediatrics)

  • Research focused on the use of murine model to help elucidate whether or not hematopoietic failure seen in Fanconi anemia may have developmental origins.
  • Focused primarily on the utilization of cytokine arrays to determine which, if any, specific cytokine

“milieus” were associated with the development of FA

   Jun 2010-Aug 2010        Oregon Health and Science University                                                                                     Portland, OR

Summer Medical Student Researcher, Dr. John Mayberry (Trauma Surgery)

  • Started development of a database using a new database program (RedCap) on long-term outcomes of various different operative management plans for flail chest

Oct 2006-July 2009        Oregon Health and Science University                                                                                     Portland, OR

Biotechnology Research & Development Assistant - Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute, Picker Group

  • AIDS vaccine research utilizing the rhesus macaque/SIV model to characterize immunopathogenesis of HIV during both the acute and chronic phases of infection; more specifically, our lab focused on the dynamics of CD4+ and CD8+ Tcells during the course of infection
  • Phenotype stain rhesus macaque samples with antibody-fluorophore conjugates to obtain

immunological “snap shots”

  • Utilize cytokine flow cytometry to quantify immunological memory responses
  • Molecular Chemistry: Custom conjugate several commonly used antibodies with various fluorophores
  • Spearheaded the research and development of new antibody-fluorophore conjugates (including quantum dot conjugates) to increase the functionality and efficacy of our current usage of polychromatic flow cytometry
  • Responsible for processing various tissue samples (i.e. blood, lymph nodes, spleen, small intestine, liver, and bronchial-alveolar lavages) at various study time points
  • Flow cytometry data acquisition of both SIV (simian immunodeficiency virus) infected and non- infected samples for various primate research projects focusing on the elucidation of T-cell dynamics in HIV-1 infection (using the rhesus macaque/SIV model) and the development of a vaccine for AIDS
  • Bio-Safety Level 3 certified

Dec 2005-May 2006      B.S. Biomedical Engineering: Senior Project                                                                      New Haven, CT 

Title: “The Use of Octafluoropropane-Encapsulated Porous PLGA Nanospheres as Ultrasound Contrast Agents” (Fahmy Group, Yale University)

  • Successfully formulated and fabricated octafluoropropane-encapsulated porous PLGA nanospheres exhibiting enhanced echogenicity and ultrasound contrast
  • Engaged in the characterization of acoustically-active nanospheres: acquired images using SEM, analyzed size distribution using NIH Scion Image program, and performed controlled release studies (Rodamine) using a fluorescent plate reader,
  • Highly proficient on the use of clinical ultrasound machines

Jan 2005-May 2006        Yale Biomedical Engineering                                                                                                    New Haven, CT

Lab Manager/Technician - Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery Laboratory, Saltzman Group

  • Managed the integrity and maintenance of the lab by ordering and keeping supplies stocked, properly disposing of biohazard wastes, and overlooking the proper functioning of lab equipment
  • Primary liaison between the lab and pharm/biotech vendors


Aug 2004-Dec 2004      Independent Research                                                                                                                   New Haven, CT 

Title: “The Fabrication and Characterization of Hyaluronan (HA) Microspheres Using Raw Materials of Various Origin and Size” (Saltzman Group, Yale University)

  • Used SEM for image acquisition and analyzed the size distribution of HA microspheres using NIH Scion Image program
  • Utilized rodent models; injected HA microspheres into live rat brains using a microinjection apparatus and used a cryotome to slice-up the rat brains upon removal/fixation to study the diffusion of HA microspheres in vivo
  • Proficient at cell culture techniques

Jun 2004-Aug 2004       Earle A. Chiles Research Institute, Franz Cancer Center                                                     Portland, OR

Student Research Intern - Immunobiology Laboratory, Weinberg Group

  • Learned the use of sterile techniques, the preparation of large volumes of tissue culture media, and the monitoring of cellular respiration through the measurement of lactate production
  • Assisted in the production of monoclonal antibodies and in the operation/maintenance of an intermediate-scale bioreactor
  • Gained proficiency in various DNA manipulation procedures (i.e. PCR, restriction digest, transformation of bacterial cells, plasmid preparation)
  • Gained proficiency in the analysis of recombinant proteins using SDS-gel electrophoresis, size exclusion chromatography, and ELISA
  • Became familiar with the use of mouse models


Jun 2013-May 2014       Oregon Health and Science University                                                                                  Portland, OR

Student Leader/Mentor, Surgical Specialties College

  • Advising program aimed at providing medical students with more easily accessible specialty- specific counseling
  • Helped match students with prospective mentors, provided guidance about research projects, coordinated volunteer and other group activities, acted as liaison between students and our College masters

Jun 2013-May 2013       Oregon Health and Science University                                                                                   Portland, OR

Student Leader/Mentor, Transition to Clerkship

  • Assisted newly-minted 3rd year medical students transition to their 3rd year clerkships; taught them

to navigate through OHSU’s EMR

  • Taught oral patient presentation skills

Jun 2006-May 2008

Kaplan Inc

MCAT Instructor (All Subjects)

Portland, OR

Sep 2002-Jun 2004

America Counts

New Haven, CT

Intercity Elementary/Middle School Math Tutor

Please Note: I have numerous independent tutoring experiences since during high school. I have extensive experience from working with elementary school students to medical school students.



Jun 2006-Jun 2008         Hopewell Hospice House                                                                                                                  Portland, OR

Hospice Volunteer

Sep 2004-May 2006       Yale Biomedical Engineering Society (Vice President, Sept 2005-May 2006)               New Haven, CT

  • Assisted in the organization of informational meetings for undergraduate students interested in pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering
  • Helped to match-up undergraduate students interested in BME research with appropriate faculty members

Jan 2004-May 2006       Connecticut Hospice                                                                                                                           Branford, CT

Hospice Volunteer

Sep 2002-May 2004       Yale University, Korean American Students at Yale (KASY)                                                New Haven, CT

Cultural Chair

  • In charge of organizing bi-annual Adopted Friends Picnics, a very popular event in New Haven that brings together Yale’s Korean community with Korean children adopted by non-Korean families to learn about Korean culture
  • Organized and coordinated 4 of these events, each involving more than 100 adopted children


Peer Reviewed Journal Articles/Abstracts

Park, H., Adamson, L., Ha, T.H., Mullen, K., Hagen, S., Nogueron, A., Sylwester, A., Axthelm, M., Legasse, A., Piatak, M., Jifson, J., McElrath, J., Picker, L., & Seder, R. Polyinosinic-Polycytidylic Acid is the Most Effective TLR Adjuvant for SIV Gag Protein-Induced T Cell Responses in Nonhuman Primates. The Journal of Immunology. 2013, Mar; 8(190): 4103-4115. Pub Status: Published.

Acknowledgement in Publications

Hansen SG, Vieville C, Whizin N, et al. Effector memory T cell responses are associated with protection of rhesus monkeys from mucosal simian immunodeficiency virus challenge. Nature Medicine, 2009, 15(3):293-9. Pub Status: Published.

Poster Presentations

Kamimae-Lanning, A., Ha, T.H., Skinner, A., Russell, T., & Kurre, P. (July, 2011). Developmental programming of bone marrow failure in a murine model of Fanconi anemia Poster presented at: American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting; San Diego, CA, USA.

Oral Presentations

Ha, T.H. (July 2018). Pediatric Surgery Journal Review. Association Between a Single General Anesthesia Exposure Before Age 36 Months and Neurocognitive Outcomes in Later Childhood. Presented at NYPH-BM Surgical Department; Brooklyn, NY, USA.

Ha, T.H. (July 2017). Vascular Surgery Journal Review. Outcomes of endovascular repair of popliteal artery aneurysm using  the Viabahn endoprosthesis. Presented at NYPH-BM Surgical Department; Brooklyn, NY, USA.

Ha, T.H. (January 2017). Management Rounds. Workup and management of acute appendicitis in a 12wk pregnant patient.

Presented at NYPH-BM Medical Student Teaching Conference; Brooklyn, NY, USA.

Ha, T.H. (August, 2013). Management of Blunt Splenic Injuries Oral Presentation. Presented at OHSU Trauma Conference; Portland, OR, USA.

  • Selected to present at multiple Morbidity & Mortality conferences
  • Requested by several Attending Surgeons on multiple occasions to present their surgical cases at numerous Multidisciplinary Tumor Boards


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