Graduated from NYUST bachelor degree, Majoring in Mechanical engineering.

Max Worked in PEGA(Consumer electronic Product Structure Design),KYEC(IC Pakge Test), and MACRON(Commercial Lighting Product), His current job is a Data ETL engineer.

Since he thinks it is a trend to combine Program and Mechanical, So he leaning Cording in III (Institute for Information Industry), During the Final Presentation Max role as team leader, Who responsible for Communicating with team members, and controlling schedule and progress, he is a good team player, can fit different role in the team.

In eyes of his friends he is a hardworking, stable, and reliable partner, Max is looking forward to join your team and contribute to your growing business.

Work experience

KYEC, Mechanical Engineer

Work with QA, Improving production quality and output efficiency

Report Improving plan and production status in monthly meetings with clients

Feb 2004 ~ Aug 2004

PEGA, Mechanism Design Engineer

Customized Function layout, Drawing publication, Molding review, Quality verification , cost and production evaluation 

Sep 2014 ~ Feb 2016

Macron, Mechanism Design and Development Engineer

Product development, design, quality verification

Jun 2017 ~ Jun 2020

CHUNGYOETL Data Engineer

Use Kettle.Pentaho/Mysql/Javascript doing data Extract-Transform-Load 

Use Shellscript/Python doing Programs and Servers monitor

Jan 2021 ~ Now


2011 - 2015

NYUST(National Yunlin University of Science and Technology)

Mechanical Engineering

bachelor degree


  • Engineering Drawing

    AutoCAD,Creo Parametric(PRO-E), SOLIDWORKS 
  • Software Tool



TOSHIBA 11.6” Chromebook

Frame, Wire layout, Accessories, Battery, Speaker, Touch Pad

EMI, Heat, Drop verification


Acer 11.6” Chromebook

Frame, Rear Cover, Wire layout, Accessories, Speaker, Touch Pad, Thermal Module, Wireless Module, Camera, Connector SMT, BOSS and Snap

EMI, Hinge verification, production layout planning

Commercial Lighting 



Tech Landscape

Communicating  with clients Product development, design, quality verification, production layout planning

Heat, Water Proof, Coating, Optic, Electrical, UL verification  

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