曹  穎 (Tsao Ying)

Software Engineer  • Taipei,TW   •         

  • A passionate problem solver with diverse skill sets in software engineering, and use creativity to develop new ideas to problems.
  • Eager to learn and share new techniques, and willing to communicate with different kind of people. 
  • Skilled in Python, Javascript, C++, git flow, and UNIX system operation. 

Work Experience

Backend engineer  in Fugle, Inc., June 2021 - present

Taiwan fintech startup - Devotes to developing a trading platform.
  • Responsible for Fugle Platform.
  • Develop and maintain back-end RESTful API services.

Frontend engineer  in Synergies Intelligent Systems, Inc., Mar 2020 - June 2021

Founded in Boston, U.S.A - Devotes to developing an artificial intelligence business decision platform.
  • Responsible for Augmented Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform.
  • Worked closely with designer, data science, backend, product manager to create a AnalyticOps product .
  • Built multiple components using data visualization libraries and maintained Vue. js project.
  • Maintained official website and create a website for product's document.

Research Project Assistant in CSIE, Aug 2019 - Dec 2019

  • Participated in the Artificial intelligence in animal husbandry Project.
  • Webcam Stream Capture with Preview. 
  • Used OpenCV to counting seaweed cells. 
  • Analyzed shrimps' weight and length data, and trained a non-linear regression model.
  • Got Tags from pigs by UHF RFID reader, and managed database with PostgreSQL in Python.
  • Writing a system architecture report.

Research Project Assistant in Dept. of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering, Jun 2019 - Dec 2019

  • Implemented numerical simulation of dynamic soil in Three.js

Software Engineer in Department of Economics, NCKU, Jan 2019 - Jun 2019

  • Developed multiplayer games (Dynamic decision making) 
  • Created user interfaces with PyQT.
  • Designed game flow diagrams.
  • Developed client side and connected server by socket.


  • Web: 
    • nodejs,  mongodb, postgres, redis
    • HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript (ES6+) 
    • Vue.js / Vuex / Vue CLI / Vue Router 
    • Echart / Element UI 
    • Three.js : Soil and Water Conservation Bureau Project (3D dynamic soil simulation) 
  • C++ : Qt Based Games 
  • Git
  • Vim

  • Python : 
    •  Developed Projects with OpenCV, PyQT 
    • Maintained database in IOT project Embedded system (R-pi) Telegram chatbot
  • C : Implemented
    • OS machine monitor, mailbox, scheduling simulation, memory allocator.
    • μGO Compiler for Java Assembly Code Generation System Software Python : Developed Projects with OpenCV, PyQT Maintained database in IOT project Embedded system (R-pi) Telegram chatbot


Honorable Mention team of Application Categories, 2018 Macronix Golden Silicon Awards

Jul 2018, Macronix
Pipeline leak detection 
- Link:

1st Place, 2018 CSIE Graduation Exhibition

Sep 2018, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
Works : Listen To Pipes (Pipeline leak detection)
- Link:

Advance to the final, 2018 CSIE Graduation Exhibition

Sep 2018, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
Works : Automatic Landing System of a Quadrotor UAV Using  Image Recognition


  • Bachelor's degree, Computer Science in National Cheng Kung University, Sep 2015 - Jun 2019
  • Leave Master's degree, Computer Science in National Cheng Kung University, Sep 2019


Guide of NCKU Mountaineering Assn, 2018-now

  • Social media editor of Facebook Fan Page 
  • Club Curriculum Design
  • Mountain leader
  • Arranged club Expo
  • Invited speakers

University Expo, Marketing

  • About 6000 participator, more than double the number from the previous year. 
  • Planned marketing events. 
  • Maneged Facebook Fan Page and grew 1300+ followers.

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