Innovation Creator  •  Seoul, KR  •  [email protected]

I've over two years of experience as design thinking expert and facilitator. 

I've involved in many designthinking project and workshop to help people think differently. 

now I want to be a Innovation Creator who help to solve problems and make unique cultures.


01.Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a human-centered mindset. by empathizing human, we can understand  their 'Real' needs, problems. then we will find proper solutions through the cooperation.


when working with a group, Facilitator is a mediator who focus on  objective point of view. we usually listen closely and use question skills to facilitate their thinking, mindset.


As a leader, I try to keep two principle. one, Empathize a human than working. two, I will entrust the work team members suited their talents and help them to work freely.


Design Thinking workshop for senior officials of Gyeonggi-do, Sep 2017 - Oct 2017

Involved as a Operation Manager/Facilitator

Lotte Group MD4.0 Design Thinking workshop, Sep 2017 - Present

Involved as a Operation Manager/Facilitator

SAP Social Innovator Program, Sep 2015 - Oct 2015

Involved as a Project Planner

Main Project.01, July 2017 - Present

Design Thinking Facilitator Incubating Program.

hosted by Ministry of SME's and Startups / organized by SAP Korea, KOFAC

Role : Project/Operation Manager, Facilitator.

education program for incubating DesignThinking Facilitator Expert to spread innovation culture on Korea 

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Main Project.02, Feb 2017 - Present

D-station for youth 

hosted by(주최) / organized by(주관)

Role : Operation Manager, Facilitator.

education program for giving youth messages. "have a creative confidence, even if you fail, it's fine. it's just prototype." 

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