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JU Min Hua


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I am Min Hua, an energetic optimistic problem-solver, with around seven years marketing plus business development experiences in mobile software relative fields, mostly start-ups. From initial phase to public company, local team to cross-culture cooperation, art to entertainment then towards gaming, I’d been in various industries and environments, the commonality is I’d always been in unsteady and fast-paced trends. 

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  • Mandarin. English. 
  • MacOS. Windows office. 
  • Management. 
  • Public relation. 
  • Digital marketing. 
  • Partnership relation. 
  • Investment relation. 
  • Business management.


202006 - Now  BD/ MK (remote/part-time)

Self-employed. Taipei city
Remote cases by contract , mostly BD or marketer who's in charge of KOL marketing plans and group selling (FMCG & healthy food).

201603 - Now  Child Care, Full-time Parent


Full time parent for my boy's grow-up care, difficult but joyful job ever.

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201509 - 201601  Business Development Manager

Iridescent Digital. Taipei

BD manager at Iridescent Digital, focus on stream business. Lead small team from scratch to assist CEO bringing in new joint funds within 4 months. Modified business model into stream & KOL agent business, also be responsible for biz partners cooperation, business plan at early stage, investor relationship etc. Meanwhile, in charge of project with Kugou Music(China) and proposal to China local government(Shantung) about startup acceleration park plan.  

Directly reported to the board. 

Iridescent Digital was invested by the Wu family and other angels.

  • Start-up at early stage.
  • Internal business model setup & external biz-partners development.
  • Investor relation to key stakeholders.

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201504 - 201509  Business Development Manager (remote)

Vivid Media. Hong Kong (Japan based)

Vivid Media was HK subsidiaries under Mind Palette JP, focus on stream-video curation platform and KOL agency business. I was as support role to assist HK team to manage ongoing projects, also coordinated with potential clients planned to expand business to Hong Kong. Reported to the overseas director.

  • KOL marketing agency.
  • Stream curation.
  • Multi-culture startup.

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201411 - 201509  Business Development Manager

Mind Palette Co.. Taipei (Japan based)

First oversea office and potential target market to Mind Palette JP which invested by Dentsu group and KODANSHA for its core product- SNAPEEE, a photo-social app that had  been the top-download-app in Taiwan and popular by young females for its functions: cute stickers and fashion KOLs accounts.   

For the goal to increase profit to achieve break-even, our small team slightly modified business model and launched successful marketing projects with limited budget, partnered with local designers and Kols. In the meanwhile, combined the inbound plan from Japan government with Taiwan market. As BD in this 2-person-Taiwan-team, I was mostly responsible for the marketing part, from scratch to final execution and cooperated with colleagues in JP or HK. 

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201407 - 201411  Marketing Manager

Leap Leaf Interactive. Taipei

Marketing manager at Leap Leaf Interactive. Developed in-game plan and initial go-to-market plan for one Christian mobile game. 

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201211 - 201401  Public Relation Manager 

MMedia Co..  Taipei
In charge of all the marketing parts. Plan, implement the following proposals,
  • Business plan.
  • Marketing materials.
  • Marketing intelligence/ analysis.  
  • Go to market plan.
  • Proposal for Singapore e-invoice service.
  • Proposal for China lottery e-ticket service.
E-Authentication pattern, its extend innovations and technologies are core business of MMedia.   
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201103 - 201112  Public Relation Associate

Gameflier Co.. Taipei 
Focus on only PR part. Responsible for:
  • Media plans for all newly-launched games and on-the-market games.
  • Media part, in press conferences for new games' debut. 
  • Plan and produce press kits, distribute and pitch.
  • Media luncheon.
  • Media relationship maintain with journalists in game, technology, stock financial(IR).
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200908 - 201009  Public Relation and Media Promotion

Taipei Philharmonic Foundation of Culture and Education. Taipei
  • Marketing plans for all programs, also media budget control.
  • Press kit, produce and pitch.
  • Press conference, plan and implement.
  • Media relation maintain with journalists in culture, art, entertainment.
  • Media buying to different channels, both online/ offline. 
  • Cross industry alliance and partnership maintain.
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Before 200908     PR Associate/ Editor Assistant

CDC Taiwan.Taipei/ Hakka Journal. HsinChu

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Social Research and Cultural Studies

Master’s degree (incomplete), Institute of Social Research and Cultural Studies, National Chiao Tung University 



Bachelor’s degree, Dept. of Journalism, Shih Hsin University 


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