Chih-Hao Liu

Hello! My name is Steve Liu. My objective is becoming an AIoT Engineer.


Computer Vision

familiar with image  classification, image generation, image denoising, image segmentation, and object detection。

Natural Language Processing

familiar with sequential model, attention model, probabilistic model, and word embedding.

Machine Learning 

understanding on using Cython/C++/C/joblib/CUDA/GPU to accelerate training speed

Data Analysis

familiar with Numpy、Panda, and basic skill on Hadoop、Spark、MySQL、PostgreSQL

Numerical Simulation

familiar with FDTD, FEM, Monte Carlo simulation

Google Cloud

storage management, Container, Kubernetes, BigQuery, Vertex AI, Vision AI, DialogFlow, Cloud Translation, and Model Deployment.

Working Experience

National Taiwan University - Graduate Institute of Photonics and Optoelectronics, Graduate Research Assistant , Aug 2021 ~ 

# Graduate Research in Prof. Sheng-Lung Huang's Lab 

# Research interests: Optical Coherence Tomography, Computer Vision, Biomedical Imaging. 

# Knowledge of image segmentation (U-Net, SegFormer, R-CNN), image classification (ResNet, Inception, Efficient Net, ViT), image generation (CycleGAN, WGAN, DCGAN), image denosing (Wavelet, Autoencoder), and non-invasive biophotonic measurement techniques(OCT, Raman, Confocal).


Coding APE, Python Lecturer , Aug 2021 ~

# part-time working in coding for kids startup company 

# teach for developing game using Pygame module


Taichung City Government, Substitute Military Services , Apr 2021 ~ Aug 2021

# 4 months SMS in Civil Affairs Bureau. 


National Taiwan University - Center for Condensed Matter Science, Research Assistant , Sep 2020 ~ Feb 2021

# Full-time RA in Center for Condensed Matter Science 

# Win the NTU CCMS innovative technology competition excellent award. 

# The research has been published at the Annual Meeting of the Taiwan Thermoelectric Society. 

 # Skill in designing the experiment, processing the data, and academic writing, PID Process Control. 

# Research Thesis: Using numerical method and machine learning to analyze the thermal and electrical properties measured by non-destructive frequency-domain modulated optical techniques


National Center for Theoretical Sciences - Mathematical Division, Summer Researcher Intern, Jul 2020 ~ Aug 2020

# Two months full-time intern at NCTS Mathematical Division 

# The research is focusing on applying scattering transform and machine learning methods on processing the EEG signals. 

# Deeper understanding of dimension reduction, time series analysis, and signal processing, manifold learning. 

# Skill on MatLab and LateX.


CommonWealth Magazine Group, Pollster (Part-Time), Jul 2020 ~ Jul 2020

# Phone Surveying for all of the Cities and Countries in Taiwan.
# Good communication skill and patience


National Taiwan University (NTU) - Center for Condense Matter Sciences (CCMS), Research Assistant Intern, Jul 2019 ~ Aug 2019

# Nano-Physics Lab, Center of Atomic Initiative for New Materials
# Two months of a full-time intern at NTU AI-Mat
# Design experiment, assemble optical devices, fix instruments, analysis data
# Knowledge of designing and correcting experimental system, familiar with signal processing and analysis by LABVIEW and a basic understanding of solid-state physics



National Taiwan University, Master of Science, Photonics and Optoelectronics, 2021 ~ 2023

# Concentration: Deep Learning, Biomedical Imaging, Biophotonic Measurement. 

# Courses: Medical Photonics, Silicon Photonics, Solid State Lighting, Semiconductor and Display, and Optical Techniques in Diagnosis.


National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), BEng, Chemical Engineering (2nd Major), 2017 ~ 2020

# NCKU Freshman Camp - Speaker
# NCKU Career Coach Program - TAIFLEX Group (Chem. Eng. related company)
# NCKU Pop Dance Club Winter Presentation- Chorographer
# Yunnan Overseas Services Learning Program - Member


National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), BS, Photonic Engineering (1st Major), 2017 ~ 2020

# Optical Society of America - President of NCKU Student Chapter
# Optics and Photonics Taiwan International Conference Student Event - Organizer
# Bachelor of Science, Department of Photonics - Graduation Representative
# DPS-OSA Information Sharing Platform - Founder
# Optoelectronic Technology Camp - Counselor


National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), BEng, Civil Engineering (Candidate), 2015 ~ 2017

# Civil Engineering and Technology Camp - Artistic Design
# Taiwan Civil Engineering Volley Ball Competition - best 8
# NCKU Freshman Volley Ball Competition - best 4
# Civil Engineering and Chinese Literature Freshman Welcome Camp - Counselor

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