Katie, Li

[email protected]  •  0933-999-377  •  Taipei City, Taiwan

My Chinese name is Szu Yuan, Li and also called Katie. I am studying in SooChow University, Department of Business Administration for sophomore level. 


Student Association of Business Administration, Sept 2015 - Present

I am a Minister of Activity and Artistic Design Department. Because of these positions, I have not only honed my group activities organizing and designing abilities, and also developed leadership, teamwork skills. How to cooperate and communicate with team workers who have different personality is the most valuable thing that I learned in Student Association. 

JOY English Cram School,  Sept 2016 - Present

In addition, I am a student worker in English cram school for testing the oral ability of students which are younger so that I have much enhanced my patience to deal with many things. 


Language Skills

Chinese - Native language

English - Fluent

Taiwanese - Moderate

Technical Skills

Word - Proficient

Excel - Moderate

Powerpoint - Good

Html - Basic

CSS -  Basic

Canva - Moderate

Personal Skills

Leading - Good

Creative - Good

Teamwork - Good

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