Yin-Hsiang Chang (Eason) 張楹翔

Immersed in programming for 10+ years, including 6+ years of self-learning in web development.

Trained to be an expeditious learner and creator by competing in 10+ hackathons, software/hardware competitions. 

3+ years of frontend working experience in startup and corporate, constructed 6+ products from scratch.

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National Chiao Tung University

B.S. Degree in Computer Science

2015/09 - 2020/06

Work Experience

Software Engineer  •  Trend Micro

Develop and maintain multiple websites for US consumers, focused on SEO and performance tuning

2021/03 - Now

Frontend Developer  •  GDP Inc.

Agilely built up 5 FinTech products using React.js, boosting the company to reach product-market-fit. Responsible for various SPA websites, Hybrid APP, RWD campaign pages.

2018/11 - 2020/10 (2 years)



  • 6+ years of self-learning experience of HTML, CSS, JS
  • HTML5


  • RWD: flex / grid / media query
  • Sass
  • Bootstrap / Material-UI / Tailwind


  • jQuery
  • ES6+
  • Node.js


  • 3+ years of working experience
  • class & functional component
  • hooks
  • redux / context / recoil / xstate (state management)
  • Next.js

Frontend Applications

  • API Integration:
    • RESTful / GraphQL
    • WebSocket
  • Visualization:
    • 2D Animation: p5.js
    • 3D Animation: three.js
    • Chart: Recharts
    • Map: react-google-maps
  • Multi-language: react-i18next
  • Streaming: video.js / AWS IVS

Dev tools

  • Version Control:
    • Git / GitHub flow
    • GitHub / AWS CodeCommit
  • Bundler:
    • Webpack
    • Parcel.js
  • Traffic tracking: GA / GTM
  • Storybook


Company News Blog

Rewrite a legacy WordPress site with JAMStack, massively increase SEO, performance, UX, DX, and customizability.

  • Next.js
  • WordPress as Headless CMS / GraphQL
  • TailwindCSS
  • GA, GTM tuning
  • SEO / Performance tuning
  • Micro Frontend


P2P Lending for SMEs Platform

Responsible for frontend. Collaborated closely with backend, designer, PM. Focused on pixel-perfect RWD, security, user behavior tracking.

  • React.js
  • Material-UI customization
  • GraphQL API integration (Apollo)
  • GA, GTM tuning
  • Storybook


Multi-view Live Streaming Interactive Platform

In charge of the frontend, building up a POC of the streaming platform, implementing features like view-switching, shopping cart, payment service integration, real-time voting, authentication.

  • video.js, AWS IVS
  • WebSocket
  • Bootstrap, Sass, RWD
  • jQuery
  • Parcel.js

P2P Trading Plateform

I learned React.js myself in two weeks, rewriting the frontend part of this project using React.js to decouple from the backend, improving development speed.

  • react-bootstrap, styled-components
  • mobile-first RWD
  • redux-thunk
  • formik (for form management)
  • highcharts (for drawing charts)
  • react-i18next (for localization)

Smart Wine Brewing Platform

The project including hardware for data collection and a website for visualization.

I'm accountable for the web frontend, backend development, UI design, real-time data collecting API implementation, hardware 3D modeling.

  • Ruby on Rails / sqlite3
  • jQuery / jQueryUI
  • Processing


Backstage for SMEs Platform

Responsible for the frontend part, achieved complex form, file upload, preview, HTML editor.

  • recoil.js (state management)
  • react-final-form
  • RESTful API integration
  • react-draft-wysiwyg、html-parser (rich text editor)
  • react-dropzone (multiple image upload & preview)