Andrii Deryhlazov

   +380953225866                          @ [email protected]         Remote — Lviv, Ukraine  


Salesforce Business Analyst  •  WEDO

  October 2021 — ongoing    Remote, part-time

  • configure Salesforce CRM (create/change page layouts, objects/fields, workflow rules, validation rules, security, permissions, flows etc.) to meet the business requirements
  • Provide customer support to 900+ users org (change requests, bugs, issues etc.)
  • Evaluate Salesforce releases and provide an assessment to business for adopting new functionality
  • Perform analysis, administration, troubleshooting, testing, and data environment refreshes.
  • Manage, package, and deploy software releases to all environments

Marketing Consultant/Salesforce Administrator  •  Veridian

  Sep 2017 — ongoing    Remote, part-time

  • maintained Veridian database in Google Sheets/
  • completed transition from Google Sheets to
  • overall administration: optimizing user activity in Salesforce; automation of processes; improving Salesforce adoption, integrating between SFDC and HubSpot
  • lead Generation/Database Building
  • setting up Facebook/LinkedIn Ad campaigns, ABM Campaigns in HubSpot

Research Team Captain  •  CIENCE (former Leadware)

  Jun 2016 - Aug 2017     Kyiv, Ukraine

CIENCE provides B2B lead generation, data enrichment and sales development

  • Managed and conducted research on multiple projects and


  • Provided quality control of lead generation/enrichment activities on those projects

  • Processed and analyzed raw data into reports to senior managers

  • Managed and been a part of 10+successfully executed projects (Schoox, Visual Country, Veridian)

Market Research / Lead Generation Specialist  •  Leadware (later acquired by CIENCE)

  Dec 2015 -  2016    Kyiv, Ukraine

Leadware provided B2B lead generation, data enrichment and sales development

  • Conducting, analyzing and interpreting customer, competitor and market intelligence
  • Harvesting market/company data based on “Ideal customer profile”


  • English            
  • Ukrainian           
  • Russian          


MS in System Engineering

National Aviation University

  09/2012 - 03/2018    Kyiv, Ukraine

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