Product Manager  •  Taipei,Taiwan   • 0933802643 •  [email protected]

7 years product manage/design experience

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CyberLink vice president and associate manager, Taiwan mobile principal engineer

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Master of Science

National Chengchi University

Major in Computer Science 


Bachelor of Science

National Chengchi University

Major in Computer Science



Team building

1. Understand what difficulty team member encounters

2. Handle the conflicts between team members

3. Create positive culture in team

4. Create team goal and reach a consensus

Work tool

1. Google Slides, Docs, Sheets, Drive

2. Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Excel

3. Adobe XD

4. Programing language: C++, Java

Work skills

1. Market/Competitor analysis

2. Define Product feature spec and UI/UX design

3. A/B test design, Waterfall and Agile development, Wireframe design, Google Analytics

4. Create product manual, DM and introduction slide

5. Product marketing and product demonstration

Work Experience

CyberLink (Multimedia & Virtual Camera PM, B2C) 

2018/6 - 2020/10

Responsible for audio and video editing software, virtual camera software, live streaming software and product management tool 

1. Competitor analysis: Try competitor's product and know their pros and cons and their corresponding market. 

2. Market research: Understand the market trend from news, social media, video platform and even forum. 

3. Teams Coordination: Help resolve the conflict between teams and understand what problem each team encounters 

4. User feedback knowing: Work with customer service team and regularly browse company forum to get user feedback

5. Product feature design: High intuitive, convenient and friendly UX and UI design

6. A/B test design, Agile development, Wireframe design

7. Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft Store(UWP) integration and product launch flow

8. Product training: Demonstrate product to departments and help create product manual 

9. Sales project support: Help sales to introduce product to customer and fill the product description form 

10. Others: Assist colleague in activity planning and holding

11. Achievement(Monthly Revenue Positive growth +20%~+300%)

Taiwan mobile (IaaS & Microsoft Azure Stack PM, B2B)

2015/7 - 2018/6

Responsible for multiple IaaS platforms and work with Microsoft to build the Azure Stack for company for rent

1. Sales guys support and education 

2. Vendor and strategic partner recruitment and cooperation 

3. Market research, Product cost control, Marketing plan 

4. Product presentation and quotation, Project tracking 

5. Product design (Waterfall development, Wireframe design, Product features and UI, Official web site UI, Product bill content, Product application process, Product contract) 

6. Help resolve the conflict between teams and understand what problem each team encounters

7. Product UAT design and verification 

8. Product marketing(E-news, Press release, Manual, Sales kit, DM, Seminar) 

9. Achievement(Monthly Revenue Positive growth +30%, Product ECSA, CSA and ISO27018 certification)

Syscom (Information Security product PM, B2B)

2014/6 - 2015/7

1. Marketing (Product Seminar, E-new, Product Presentation) 

2. Sales guys support and education 

3. Product presentation and quotation, Project tracking 

4. Market research, Product cost control

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