Lab Technician - Google X (Project Loon) - Modis Engineering

April 2017 - Current

  • Demonstrated success in building constantly evolving prototypes in a fast-paced environment.
  • Developed and launched quality control procedures used in inspection and testing phases.
  • Identifies and removed bottlenecks in order to improve overall lab efficiency.
  • Facilitated training in aspects relating to hardware testing procedures, logistical maintenance, and operations for over a dozen cross-functional team members in various departments.
  • Managed and maintained lab inventory systems while also serving as a contact for database troubleshooting. 

  • Utilized a Push-and-Pull system to help deliver weekly production goals. 

  • Developed quality control processes used by contract manufacturers and field operation teams.
  • Experienced in supporting and navigating Agile PLM environments.

  • Worked within Linux environments to help develop and debug testing workflows in Python. 


Applications Specialist - Lutron, Nov 2014 to Jan 2017

  • Adept at all phases of project management, including database management, equipment programming, gathering client feedback, issue tracking, completing drawings, issuing work reports, and providing after visit support.
  • Interact with Lighting Designers, Specifiers, Building Engineers, and Installers to build a work plan in order to maintain turnover deadlines.
  • Performed walkthroughs, usability testing, and provided training for customer-based software during system commissioning. 
  • Managed database version control across multiple teams. 
  • Maintained accurate single-line drawings, architectural drafts, and other documentation for distribution to various stakeholders.
  • Implemented and maintained the company communication platform for cross-functional team task tracking.
  • Coordinated with state inspectors to demonstrate site compliance of all federally mandated regulations.


User Operations - Magic, Spring 2015 

  • An early stage employee of the Text-to-Request Concierge Service from YCombinator's Winter 2015 cohort.
  • Adapted to rapidly transforming work conditions and role/ responsibility shifts. 
  • Communicated with clients and developed plan of action for task completion that increased client satisfaction and improved the user experience.
  • Excellent ability to respond to client requests and preferences.
  • Analyzed user data to develop activity trends and create new work practices. 
  • Recipient of “The Closer” award for delivering the most completed requests and bringing in the highest revenues.


Quality Control Systems Engineer - ABB, Jan 2014 to Nov 2014

  • Key projects include International Paper Ticonderoga and Burrows Paper.
  • Certified to work with radiological systems and identify hazards.
  • Installed, calibrated, and troubleshot Radiological, Electrical, and Mechanical equipment involved in Manufacturing Process Automation. 
  • Completed user analysis in order to design client-centric graphical user interfaces (GUI).
  • Programmed PLC systems for automated manufacturer processes.
  • Managed on-site and remote Windows server backups with Acronis.
  • Networked within LAN/WAN architecture, TCP/IP, BACnet, and Modbus.
  • Worked in a distributed control systems environment to monitor manufacturer processes, gather data regarding product quality, environmental impact, and energy consumption.  
  • Built and maintained Account Databases using Windows Active Directory Domain Services.


Intermediate Level Avionics Technician - Marine Corps, Jan 2009 to Jan 2014

  • Specialized in maintenance and repair of test equipment sets valued at over $2 million per system. 
  • Mentored and instructed various individuals on work practices and professional development. 
  • Repaired and reassembled electrical/mechanical assemblies.
  • Operated with 5 individual test sets in 3 fields of aviation electronics that are utilized to provide radar systems, defense systems, and pilot controls for aircraft.
  • Performed intermediate level troubleshooting techniques and repair for various avionics systems, their subassemblies, and other units within the AV8-B Harrier, EA6-B Prowler, and the F/A 18 Hornet aircrafts.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of printed circuit boards (PCB), advanced troubleshooting techniques, assembling wire harnesses, and computer skills while performing maintenance procedures.  
  • Conducted weekly technical training to teach the capabilities of electrical testing equipment including: oscilloscopes, digital multi-meters, analog ohmmeters, signal analyzers, time-based rectifiers, and automated test equipment. 
  • Supervised a Hazardous Material handling program, Safety program, and a Mobile Facility program for a period of 2 years resulting in zero mishaps and outstanding reviews during inspections. 
  • Maintained security clearance while working with classified and secret level electronics and electrical equipment. Used secret clearance to move, transfer, and maintain sensitive, classified and secret level assets. Secret Security Clearance is valid through 2019.

EGA 17.jpg


Computer Engineering

San Jose State University - San Jose, CA

(currently enrolled)

Continuing studies to improve my ability to apply software and hardware skills towards developing computer hardware. I have completed coursework involving C++ and MIPS Assembly Language.

Studying electronics, software, and the development of computer hardware. 

Cyber Security

Facebook - Menlo Park, CA

Practicing hands-on penetration testing to discover and fix vulnerabilities. Tools used include Burp Suite, Metasploit, WireShark, SQLMap, and Chrome DevTools.

Enterprise Security / Computer Science

De Anza College - Cupertino, CA 

I completed coursework involving Penetration Testing, Network Security, Python, and Javascript. 

Electrical / Computer Engineering

State University of New York Institute of Technology - Utica, NY

I was enrolled in an ECE program. I was also the VP of the campus entrepreneurial club, Creaticity. Creaticity proudly partnered alongside ThINCubator, a local startup accelerator.

General Engineering

Craven Community College - New Bern, NC

I was enrolled in the 2+2 Engineering program that included instruction from NC State professors.

Avionics Technician

Naval Air Technical Training Center - Pensacola, Florida/ Virginia Beach, VA 

Learned Electronic Theory and attended courses taught by Boeing Engineers and Florida State College Instructors. Advanced Electronics Systems Troubleshooting and Maintenance. Trained in programming, debugging, and installation of software packages for testing.

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Recent Hobbies and Obsessions


Solving Rubik's Cubes and learning about new types of Twisty Puzzles.


Fitness and Nutrition and applying my knowledge to have lost over 90 lbs


Being involved with startups and meeting entrepreneurs.