Eddy Chen

Project Engineer

  New Taipei City, Taiwan

2 years of experience in Self Driving Car
1 year of experience in Artificial Intelligence




  • Python
  • C++
  • Matlab

Artificial Intelligence

  • Framework
    • Tensorflow
    • Pytorch
  • Experience 
    • Building AI model in medical projects
    • Training model and fine-tuning hyper-parameters

Self Driving Car

  • Platform
    • Apollo
    • Autoware
  • Experience
    • Develop sensor fusion algorithm
    • Develop image enhancement algorithm
    • System validation


  • TOEIC 590

Work Experience

Project Engineer

Acer Incorporated  •  十一月 2017 - Present

【Artificial Intelligence 】

- Apply state-of-the-art models in CNN, including image classification, image segmentation and object detection

- Apply state-of-the-art models in NLP, including BERT, AlBERT and RoBERTa

- Familiar with medical images, such as ultrasound images and color fundus photos

【Self Driving Car】

- Develop sensor fusion algorithm (camera/radar/lidar)

- Develop image enhancement algorithm (patent)

- Software integration and validation


National Taipei University of Technology

Institute of Mechatronic Engineering  •  2015 - 2017

【Research Field】

- Computer Vision 

- Image Processing

【Journal and Conference】

- SCI paper is accepted ("Around View Monitoring-Based Vacant Parking Space Detection and Analysis") 

- Oral presentations at conference ("A visual method for the detection of available parking slots")

National Formosa University 

Department of Electrical Engineering  •  2011 - 2015

Vice Director, NFU Pop Dance Club

Coordinator, 11th NFU Pop Dance Club Presentation

- Motivated 19 group leaders and the performance team with 100+ members.

- Reached 500+ audiences in total.

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