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Senior Accountant Resume Example [ Resume Summary & Objective ]

After having a few experiences as a junior accountant, you might wonder how to move onto the role of becoming a senior accountant. One of the first steps you can take to land an opportunity is with a convincing resume for an experienced accountant. As a senior accountant, your task will be to handle accounting tasks on a larger scale, meaning that you will be managing the accounting team to make sure the procedures run smoothly. It could also mean that you will be dealing with more substantial c

Babysitter Resume Examples [+Job Description & Skills]

The increase in the number of double career families intensifies babysitter resume’s competition, which makes knowing how to write a good babysitting resume, with effective descriptions, more important than ever.

Best Entrepreneur Resume | Examples & Templates

Being the founder/co-founder of the company, entrepreneurs know the company like the back of their hands. They are responsible to lead the team, come up with business strategies, and handle problems with strong resilience. Every entrepreneur has multiple traits that are special and unique. However, not all entrepreneurs know how to organize these traits and create a good entrepreneur resume. A well-organized entrepreneur resume can be a strong support of your past experiences while you are pr

Chemical Engineering Resume: Templates, Examples & Essential Skills

Chemical engineering is a globally recognized branch of engineering, with one of the highest paying salaries out there. Chemical engineers design processes in various industries: food, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and petroleum, and the list goes on. They are responsible for analyzing lab processes and large-scale production plants to ensure maximum productivity while minimizing operating costs.

Architecture Resume [+ Examples & Writing Guide]

An architect plays a huge part in creating an accommodating yet harmonious environment. Not to mention the unending process of getting a single building built, from a single line sketch to groundbreaking, the continuous design development process following the client’s needs and so on. The architecture journey mostly reminds one to work both effectively and efficiently, and so does an architect resume need to be.

Account Manager Resume Examples [+ Skills & Resume Summary]

An account manager is the client's go-to person in doing business and builds one-on-one interaction with clients. Aside from generating sales, their success can be seen from how well-connected they are with their accounts (clients) and how much sales they generate from these clients. The more customers account managers have under their wings, the more likely they ascend to become a key account manager handling the "big fish" clients.

Operations Manager Resume Writing Guidelines (+ Formats, Examples, Templates)

If you're an operations manager looking for a job, learn to emphasize your industry skills and showcase your abilities with our comprehensive operations manager resume writing guidelines.

Business Development Resume: Examples & Writing Guide

Many people may once hear about some business development-related jobs, such as business development manager, director of business development, or business development executive. However, what exactly is business development? Generally, business development is to seek growth opportunities for companies - developing new potential markets, building business relationships with partners, and even creating distinct business models.

Digital Marketing Resume: Samples, Formats, Writing Guide

Digital marketing is a wide field in today’s world. Figuring out how to do a successful digital marketing resume can be complex. A resume is similar to what all marketers do every day: Sell yourself. Therefore it is important to know what to include in a resume. This goes for both freshers with no relevant work experience, and individuals looking for a digital marketing specialist resume with proven experience in social media, content writing, SEO, or among other specialties.

Financial Advisor Resume Writing Guide : Examples, Templates, Formats

Having a solid foundation can help tremendously for a financial advisor moving onto the next step of the path. A financial advisor is a trustworthy licensed individual who specializes in assisting clients with their finances. Not only do you need to have client interaction knowledge, but you also need to have the certified qualifications to manage clients’ financial information. Whether you are just getting started within your career, or in the middle of your career goal, being able to showcase

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