Banqiao City  

KUAN JUNG, LAI  M.S., Electrical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University 2006-2008

Detailed-oriented senior electrical engineer with 10+ years of experience with electronic products and system integration. Promoted to Czech factory as Technical Manager, lead more than 200 + Vietnamese colleagues and work with people from different country at Czech Republic, increased utilization of testing line to 92% up, building RMA center in CZ factory. Joined the startup company, accomplished production line construction and experienced in electronic troubleshooting activities. Researching system integration and python programming skills, experience at system troubleshooting activities to help you with your upcoming projects.

  0910-308148   [email protected]

Sr. System Engineer

2019.09 ~ Now

Precision Machinery R&D Center (PMC) - Chiayi City

  • Accomplished 3 projects benefits: Over 1,500,000 TWD, project leader, 80% contributed.
  • System Integration: PCBA design/ Linux/ Python/ ADC/ I2C/ Modbus/ Thermocouple/ GUI design, DOE experimental design and execute, DOE data analysis to find important factors
  • Developing skills: Image recognition/ Machine Learning/ MCU FW/ Industrial IOT/ HMI+PLC

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)- Tainan City  (2019.09~2020.06)

  • Researched ITRI Infrared Radiation chip: HW system development: IR amplification -> ADC -> NI DAQ -> Python decoding ->IR Thermal Image
  • Accomplished the first IR chip display system in ITRI, which IR image can be showed on screen.

Production Manager 

2014.04 ~ 2019.07

Genmoor Technology (Startup from PMC, eliminated on 2019.07) - Chiayi City

  • Administered coating production line, data transmission of multiple ultrasonic drivers with PLC.
  • Ensure the coating production line functional and troubleshooting.
  • Muliti-function: General manager’s assistant, Sales, Investment report of Genmoor.

HW Engineer, Precision Machinery R&D Center (PMC) - Chiayi City (2014.04~2015.07)

  • Researched first ultrasonic driver for all frequency in TW, from 0->1, HW design/FW test -> PCB Layout -> PCBA Reliability Test -> EMI/EMC -> PVT (Core: FPGA Altera Cyclone IV )

Technical Manager

2009.09 ~ 2014.03

CZ, Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd. - Czech Republic

  • Serviced France customer which contribute USD 300 million per year. (1/3 revenue of Gemtek)
  • Coordinated with France customer for test flow at FATP line and 2 years worked with foreign colleagues from different countries, factory policy advocacy and motivate.
  • Verifiable record of improving workflow and manufacturing processes, new models pilot run, maintain product quantity and quality, utilization from 80% up to 92%, 5 models MP and RMA 
  • Established PCBA repair center at CZ, business for Europe customer, experience in authoring ISO 9001, SOP coached, and training syllabi, as well as delivering the associated training.

HW Engineer,  Gemtek Technology (Global:5,000+) - Hsinchu City (2009.09~2011.10)

  • Schematic and PCB layout review with Video, Audio, Ethernet, USB, Flash, I2C, I2S, VOIP, Video on embedded processor system. EX:STB, e-book, wifi router,  TI or Broadcom solution.
  • Troubleshooting, Problem solving, EMI/EMC safety verification, Reliability PCBA Test
  • EVT->DVT->PVT->MP : 2 Projects (~10K/M), DVT: 1 project, EVT: 1 project)


Consumer Products:

HW RD -> EMI/EMC safety -> Reliability Test -> Production Manager -> Mass Production, DOE


OrCad, Allegro, Polar, Python, MCU FW, Verilog, Linux (RPi4), PyQt5(UI), Node-red, MQTT, Modbus

Certification & Award

Invention Patent: Ultrasonic Driving Device with Self-calibration

Invention patent from Intellectual Property Office, Tawian

No.1673109  2019.10~2038.10

Python AI application lesson

CTBC Bussiness School

CTBC11002008 2021.07

Open Data Innovation Application Competition :
Excellence Award (TWD 100,000)

Hosted: Taipei Computer Association


Project profile: Ads applied to general personal vehicles, ex: motorcycle, cars...
Created Ads platform, serviced for company and resident in the city.


Interest and Hobbies

  • Keep learning - Coursera: Google IT Automation with python, ESP32, MQTT lessons, OpenVino Edge AI
  • Toastmaster - English club, 3+ years, practice public speaking, improve communication and build leadership skills.
  • No-limit - Traveling different customs and cultures, eagerness to learn new things, genuine curiosity.


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