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Elgin Braggs Jr.

Graduate from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Retailing & a minor in Business Foundations. I am passionate about everything regarding E-Commerce Development, Mobile Transactions, A/B Testing, Site Optimization, Data Analytics, and CMS Platforms.

(940) 594-5460
Denton, TX


GSAT, Inc. , May 2016 - Present

Responsible for Web, Digital, Emerging Content Marketing & Communication Technologies. Collaborating with the Digital Marketing Team to plan, create, deliver and evaluate web content that supports client’s goals and strategic plans.

  • Implemented the use of HootSuite and other Social Automation tools.
  • Created multiple Google Data Studio Sheets for clients.
  • Helped with the rebuild of a site by merchandising the site on Dot Net Nuke (DNN).
  • Initiated consistent use of Google Analytics for existing & upcoming clients.

Greedi, Inc. , Jun 2015 - Sep 2015

Develop & understand Digital Marketing Strategies that will meet client objectives. Write marketing content to be deployed across different social media platforms. Learn SEO best practices & write meta content to support SEO initiatives. 

  • Earned an average of 25% increase week over week.
  • Analyze reports to create insights that will help drive Digital Marketing Strategies.
  • Work with SEO tools and platforms to create effective keywords.

Freelance Web Designer, Jan 2014 - Present

3 years of comprehensive hands on experience working with Web Analytics, SEO, HTML, and CSS. Using this knowledge to construct websites for clients on various platforms.

  • Deepening UI/UX knowledge using Webflow CMS to build up a client portfolio providing on going support.
  • Site Merchandising experience on DemandWare and Dot Net Nuke (DNN) which are hosted E-Commerce platforms.
  • Expertise in Magneto – using this platform to build a fully functioning E-Commerce website as a part of course work.

The Passion.

I produce websites and provide Digital Consulting Services for my advisory in the making 'NuStalgic Media'. Which focuses on helping small to medium sized business see results they'd love to achieve. Engaging with clients and finding out how to engage, grow, and nurture their future customers. All of the projects I've worked on have been outside of my full-time job, and have granted me with unique opportunities to apply the knowledge and expertise I gained from UNT.

Experience with Digital

Managed online presence and reputation for clients via social media websites, search engine optimization, and Google Analytics.

Identified and created an online content strategy to showcase products, press releases, events, and promotional material across various social mediums to increase engagement. 

Guided potential and current clients through different E-Commerce & Social platforms to find the best fit for their budget and needs.

Collaborated closely with clients to ensure a successful online marketing presence. 

Analyzed various digital marketing tools to develop well-rounded strategy for client measuring performance of on-going programs / campaigns. 


Created social media campaigns for top 5 social platforms with scheduled posting. As well as researched and testing for innovative improvements to add value to the company’s offering.

Organized and maintained all digital multimedia content using Flickr, Google Drive, and Dropbox

Generated extensive digital marketing analytics including, but not limited to, trend analysis reports, user behavior reports, growth reports, and ROI tracking. While showcasing strong communication skills in each situation. 

Explored best practices to obtain the maximum return on investment through clicks, opens, and overall customer engagement.

Designed and implemented digital marketing strategies for clients to increase online visibility and conversion through digital channels while providing data-driven insights. 

Guided digital media strategies focused on personal branding, engagement, and community building.

Monitored social media traffic in order to develop healthy and long-lasting relationships with customers and encourage continued engagement.

Digital & Social Media Marketing


  • Created, developed and edited editorial content for company website and all online marketing.
  • Scheduled daily posts across social media channels in order to develop consistent engagement and customer retention using best practices.
  • Operated in self-directed and remote work environment within a broad, benchmark driven task structure.
  • Managed social media accounts as means for customer service and engagement. 
  • Assisted with using social to increase customer foot traffic in store. Creating promotions aimed to attract new customers both offline and online by designing a multi-channel content strategy.
  • Implemented social media marketing strategies in relation to the client's objectives and budgets.
  • Constructed effective messaging using language, graphics and marketing techniques. 
  • Produced and analyzed reports to gauge client's goals for social presence.
  • Developed and managed website content and local search engine optimization.


  • Garnered an average 30% increase on social media weekly during a summer internship for a local start up.
  • Generated a 200% growth in impressions of the UNT Iota's Twitter page over a years time.
  • Developed a Facebook marketing campaign geared towards delivering a clear and concise message to pastry lovers across Southern Texas resulting in an increase of unique Facebook hits by 300% with the help of paid ads.
  • Doubled the number of "Likes" on client's Facebook page. Led and assisted in the promotion and planning of events, etc.
  • Created effective content strategy that resulted in a 20% higher engagement and increased the overall user retention rate.
  • Developed effective 'Best Bakery in America' content strategies such as Inbound and Facebook marketing resulting in ranking as a top 3 contestants. Assisted in a multi-faceted Facebook marketing campaign that garnered a 30% rise in Facebook page visits.
  • Fine tuned Google Analytics campaigns, filtered out negative Keywords and irrelevant ads saving upwards of $300 on that specific campaign.


  • Hosted E-Commerce Platforms 
  • Social Automation
  • Consumer Behavior 
  • Image Editing 
  • Microsoft Office
  • White Papers
  • Software 
  • Correcting Errors 
  • CSS Manipulation 
  • Product Entry 
  • Industry Trends

  • Digital Strategy 
  • Google Analytics
  • Webflow CMS 
  • Post Scheduling 
  • HTML & CSS 
  • Magento 
  • Site Merchandising 
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Adobe Suite
  • DemandWare
  • Content Creation 

Certifications - Awards

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Google Analytics Individual Certification

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HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

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