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I have two educational backgrounds, namely Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Production Process Science and Material & Electrical Engineering from the Vocational Engineering School with a concentration in Home Lighting Installation and Electromagnetic Power Control Installation. I am very familiar with CAD Drafting software such as Autocad, Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, ANSYS and Catia to design 3D products and analyze product quality. In addition, I am also familiar with the Embedded System Internet of Things software for smart tools microcontrollers that can be used in project work.

Work Experience

Technical Engineering  •  PT Hasil Raya Industri

Apr 2018 - May 2018

Check operation of high-pressure molding production machine
Serving requests for spare parts from technicians for repairing production machines
Perform daily and weekly production machine maintenance
Optimizing product efficiency, quantity and quality
Checking and sorting the quality of manufactured bottled products

 Electrical Production •  PT Pendawa Cipta Sakti

Sept 2012- Dec 2012

Assembling electric power control system for cold storage room
Perform electrical panel maintenance
Assembling cold storage container room system
Manufacture of refrigerated chamber walls for installation of food storage rooms and container rooms 


Sept 2015  - Sept 2021

University of Singaperbangsa Karawang

Mechanical Engineering

Study 3d design drafting & CAD analysis using Solidworks & ANSYS
Study energy conversion and heat transfer
Study material selection analysis for the mechanical industry
Studying the manufacturing production process

Aug 2011 - May 2014

SMK Kemala Bhayangkari 1 Jakarta

Electrical Engineering

Assembling the wiring system for lighting installations and power control installations
Mastering electrical and electronic measuring tools
Operate production machines with electromagnetic control
Assembling piping systems for lighting installations and power installations
Maintaining electrical panels

Nonformal Course

Embedded System Internet of Things 

Balai Besar Pelatihan Vokasi dan Produktivitas

Mar 2022 - May 2022
Bekasi, Indonesia

Soft skills


Implementing Electronic Occupational Health and Safety (K3) Procedures

Operating Electronic Measuring Equipment

Reading and Identifying Passive Electronic Components

Reading and Identifying Active Electronic Components

Creating an Embedded System Basic Microcontroller Program

Creating an Advanced Microcontroller Program Embedded System

Creating Embedded System Program Microcontroller Operation Control System

Creating an IoT-Based Microcontroller Program Embedded System

Creating a Client Database Connected to an IOT-Based Microcontroller

Creating a Cloud-Based User Interface Connected to a Database on IOT Devices

Conventional Motorcycle Engineering Technician

Balai Latihan Kerja Kompetensi Bekasi 

Aug 2021 - Oct 2021
Bekasi, Indonesia 

Manage tools

Performing valve slack maintenance

Perform maintenance on the free-rotating throttle gas

Perform air filter maintenance

Perform clutch system maintenance

Checking engine lubrication system

Perform spark plug maintenance

Perform cooling system maintenance

Change wheel chain

Perform braking system maintenance

Perform steering system maintenance

Perform suspension system maintenance

Disassembling the body cover

Perform battery maintenance

Performing maintenance of electrical instruments (signal and lighting systems)

Solidworks Drafting Course

PROCAD Center Purwakarta

July 2022 -August 2022
Purwakarta, Indonesia

Introduction Drafting Course from Part Sketching, Assembly, Drawing, and Motion Simulation 

Autocad Drafting Course

PROCAD Center Purwakarta

July 2022 -August 2022
Purwakarta, Indonesia

Introduction Drafting Course from Part Sketching, Assembly, Drawing.

Certification Competency

Embedded System Internet of Things Training Certificate. 

Held by Balai Besar Vocational Training and Productivity of Bekasi City License: 2.4/685/LP.00.04/V/2022

Conventional Motorcycle Service Training Certificate.  Held by Bekasi City Competency Training Center License: 9168 / Competency BLK / X / 2021

Conventional Motorcycle Service Training Certificate
Held by Bekasi City Competency Training Center License: 11012AF109E1B

Conventional Motorcycle Service Training Certificate
Held by National Professional Certification Agency License: G 721 04547 2021

Electrical Competency Certificate (2014)
Held by PT UNINDO - License : 01.005.A.1103.060 012/HR-L/V/2014

MS Office & Assembly of Personal Computer Training Certificate (2014)
Held by LPK Harefarh Institute License : 003/SRTF/LPK-HI/SMK-KB1/V/2014



  • CAD applications
  • Analyze CAD
  • Embedded System Internet of Things
  • Electrical Installations
  • Motorcycle Technical


  • Microsoft Office
  • AutoCAD
  • Solidworks
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Sketchup
  • Arduino IDE


  • Indonesian - Native
  • English - Intermediate



Project Automation Weather with PT Bumitama Gunajaya Agro

The weather station can monitor rainfall, wind speed and direction, rain and snow, atmospheric pressure, evaporation, solar radiation, light intensity, and other meteorological parameters. It supports free customization of multiple parameters and can be widely used in agriculture, campuses, scenic spots, forests, aquaculture, airports, etc. , to achieve meteorological monitoring.


Freelance Project for College Final Project

The Mitsubishi Electric Hoist is the object of a friend's final project from another university who was researching the design of the hoist construction and testing the FEA simulation for the quality of the hoist design construction and the effects of the hoist activity.

Autodidact Portfolio

The go-kart chassis becomes an object of practice to hone skills and analyze product quality from product design designs sourced from reference images taken from websites

Machine element assignment paper project

This is a project that discusses the calculation of a force generated from the movement of the clutch to the detailed dimensions of the Mercedes-Benz C200 W202 manual clutch component.


Freelance project for machine element assignment paper project

The straight gear transmission is the object of the machine element task of a friend from the same university who is being researching on the calculation of the force generated from the straight gear transmission system to the detailed dimensions of the Toyota Kijang gear transmission component.

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