Elias Daher

Elias Daher - Florida Businessman Dedicated to Customers

  Miami, FL, USA

Living in Miami, Florida, Elias Daher leads 24 Hours Wireless, Ltd. as CEO. Through this business, Elias Daher offers cellular phones to wholesale and retail clients. He and his team also provide phone repair services.

Mr. Daher’s growth with the company was challenging. He first came to the United States at the age of 22. He had $300 in his pocket and spent five years attending school for his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Shortly before graduating, his focus shifted to his business due to a strong desire to assist his family in his home country.

The routine change in the communications industry keeps Mr. Daher interested in his work, despite having been in business for more than two decades. His focus is always on serving the needs of his customers, so his business routinely provides clients with updated versions of tablets, phones, and anything else new regarding telecommunications.

To this end, the business also supports new campaigns and products related to the communications industry. In 2017, for instance, it received recognition by Florida International University for its support of the Anti-Texting and Driving Campaign.

Work Experience

CEO  •  24 Hours Wireless, LTD

March 2003 - Present


1997 - 1999


Field of study