Elnora Webb

Business Leader Based in the Bay Area of California

Elnora Webb is an Oakland, California-based consulting professional who has two decades of executive experience. During this time, Elnora Webb has worked with multiple firms across the Bay Area, the greater California community, and with individuals and organizations across the United States. Currently, Dr. Webb serves as the chief executive officer of Signature Solutions Corporate Results.

With the firm, she oversees consulting services to senior executives to help them exceed their performance expectations. As well, Dr. Webb works with her clients and partners to ensure that their successes are sustainable. She is unwavering in her commitment to enhance organization's operational capacities in ways that benefit the community at large.

Before establishing Signature Solutions Corporate Results, Dr. Webb led in the Peralta Community College District, where she served as the executive vice-chancellor and at Laney College where she was the president to 21,000 students and up to 800 professionals. While there, she was responsible for developing and executing strategic and master plans that significantly enhanced the resource base and institutions' performance.

Integral to her roles was the unveiling of a philanthropic arm that advanced innovative science education and industry-driven career technical education programs. Overseeing these initiatives, Dr. Webb and her team secured state and federal public and private support which enabled expansion.

Oakland, CA, US 

Work Experience

Signature Solutions Corporate Results


University of California
Education - Policy and Administration

San Francisco State University
Educational Administration

University of California
Liberal Studies

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