Elvis Yang

大學就讀工業設計系,於紐約SVA取得Products Design碩士,在學期間到IBM, IDEO及Frog各大公司進修,並追求商業與用戶體驗間的平衡。
現為軟體開發新創Product Manager/Product Owner,管理總會員數80萬的社群軟體,並為公司導入Scrum敏捷開發及系統化專案管理,成功降低87%的系統潰堤。

Product Manager
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找活股份有限公司, Product Manager, Dec 2020 ~ 現在

Findlife is a start-up software development company. I was serving as product manager for their most popular app, MENU. MENU is an online platform for foodies; people could share their cuisine and make connections with others.

• Led five-person team to use SCRUM, organized project
managment workflow and streamline issue reporting via Jira to create collaboration platform for developers, which decreased system crash down by 87%.
• Analyzed user activity and behavior based on Firebase, Google Analytics, BigQuery, quantitative customer survey and in-depth interviews to define user journey of pain point.
• Developed optimization strategy for exploration and results page on MENU App and surpervised development process.
• Working closely with CEO to add functions that related to advertiser and shopkeeper to expand the business scope of MENU.

GoGet, UIUX Lead, Nov 2020 ~ 現在

GoGet is an online careercoaching community, including online forums and offline career coaching activities.

• Led a ten-person UIUX team for product optimization and new features, including membership, the virtual currency, and the online member interaction system.
• Cooperated closely with co-founder, developers, and marketing team and initiated the phase two website proposal based on user feedback and heatmap.

Elvis Yang Studio , Freelancer, Dec 2017 ~ 現在

• Consulted and provided business and design strategy to start-up companies, from exhibitions to pet and mortgage industry.
• Analyzed the market size of the commercial exhibition and executed competitor analysis. Identified the potential users from interviews and reached out to potential stakeholders and customers for Queer Land Exhibition.

Kworld, Website Designer Intern, Jul 2019 ~ Oct 2019

Kworld is one company that promoting Korean culture and cosmetics to the United States. I was serving as the only website designer in Kworld.

• Initiated two news media and cosmetic websites, communicated with co-founders and graphic designers about website feature, information architecture and mission, which launched within two months.

Analepsis Design, Assistant Researcher, Jun 2014 ~ Jan 2015

Independently controlled data collection and analysis as a sole researcher for an internship. Intensively sought out statistics and information in regards to product development using an analepsis narrative to connect emotionally with consumers

• Sought out statistics and information in regards to product development using an analepsis narrative to connect emotionally with customers.
• Boosted statistics of analepsis narrative paper.
• Draw storyboards of customers emotion and the interaction between customers products.

Motif Art Group(Taiwan Branch), Design Intern , Jul 2014 ~ Sep 2014

Led the re-design of the exhibition’s visual brand identity, producing cohesive media materials in-line with the new standards including banners, posters for 10 unique activities, brochures, and more.

• Led the re-design of the company visual brand identity; including company annual brochures for the premium customers.
• Designed comprehensive digital banners and posters reaching an audience of 40K visitors within four days.
• Raised awareness growth rate by 400% with the distribution of designed posters.


School of Visual Arts, 美術碩士(MFA), Products of Design , 2018 ~ 2020

At SVA, the classes in professional studios from Frog Design, IDEO, and IBM sharpened her professional skills and enabled her to get into the design value in technology and commercial fields. These multiple design disciplines and leadership cultivation empower her design strategy abilities and inspire her strong passion for the connection and balance between business and user experience value.

From the multiple collaboration experience with companies and colleagues, Elvis figured out her talent in communication and organization. Further, her industrial design background and commercial knowledge from school enable her to analyze people’s problems and needs and create bigger pictures’ design and strategy.

大同大學, 學士學位, 工業設計, 2013 ~ 2017

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