Zeng Zhi-Hui (Ely)  曾智暉

 A first-year master student in TIIPM, NCCU. As well as HP cycle planning intern from July 2017 to present. The latest project in HP was using excel VBA to analyze shipment data and reducing the commodity complexity. Past Intern experiences included business development, social media marketing, and proposal writing.

Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +886-970641542


HP Cycle Planning Intern, July 2017 - Present

Cycle Planning team is the bridge between Global Business Unit R&D team and Regional Business Unit sales team. We, interns, use shipment data to review the complexity of commodity and conduct the report helping RBU reducing SKU complexity. In addition, we also engage in a project which to refine the latest PC technology and report to our teammates.  

National Chengchi University, Master of Science, Technology, Innovation and 
Intellectual Property Management,(TIIPM, NCCU) Sep 2017 - Present

During my junior year in NCCU, I realized my passion in Computers/Communications/Consumer industry, and that was the main reason to study in  TIIPM. Now I'm interested in R&D management and New Product development in the High-Tech industry.

LiFellow Digital Creative Project Intern, Jun 2016 - Feb 2017

Before I entered the TIIPM, I had been an Intern in LiFellow, a startup. During the Internship, I had participated in the Business development, front-end management, marketing planning and events organization. The lack of resources in start-up made me need to come up with some creative idea in order to get my jobs done. Surrounding by the stressful atmosphere, I really learned and grew in a short time and the experiences gave me the confidence to face different challenges.

Peking University Exchange Student/ Summer Intern in Beijing, Feb 2015 - Jul 2015

During my undergraduate study, I successfully got the chance to be an exchange student at Peking University for a half year. In PKU, I mainly took courses in entrepreneurship. That's why I would like to have an internship in a startup for the following year. During the summer vacation before I back to Taiwan, I joined an internship program in Beijing 鑫記偉業.The company was the model company of village-corporation co-build in Beijing. The core businesses across primary, secondary, tertiary industrial sectors. And my job was the intern assistant to the marketing center.

Director of Student Association of Public Administration Department, NCCU,  Sep 2014 - Feb 2015

During the six month, the team and I organized many activities and lectures, helping peers know each other more and the career path from our alumni. And the Activity Proposal I wrote had received the recognition and subsidy from the university.

Skill Set

Microsoft Office/ VBA

Familiar with Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, Excel and Outlook. Use excel VBA to automatically analyze more than 400,000 data at once and crawl data from different data bases. Conduct shipment report with multiple alignments.

Business Development

Accesses include online and offline. Help the company create the partnership with proper alliances and partners. Interact with shooting range, B&B, surfing store, dance club,  and etc. Also build the BD SOP. 

PC Industrial Knowledge and R&D Process Flow 

Present PC related technology monthly for HP team members. Topics includ CPU, GPU, memory, and etc. Also familiar with R&D processes. Use Microsoft VISIO to document cross-function process flow. Conduct more than 20 process flow docs for the team.


Complexity Reducing

Diagnose diverse SKU to reduce the complexity. Gather the data from tens of documents and filter them by multi-pal criteria automatically through VBA. And conduct report to help manager making decision.     

VR tour for disables

Sponsored by Citibank. Use the found to organize the VR tour after observation and discussion with my customer. Film the amazing experiences including bungee jumping and paragliding by 360 camera. Host the tour through Youtube 360 video live stream.

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