Emily Lee    Taipei City Taiwan

Marketing Specialist / Project Manager

A PR/ Marketing consultant specializing in content-based communication strategy, with over 8 years of experience working with well-known brands and start-ups in technology, travel, and publishing. I consider myself to be an excellent team player with an open-minded approach and excellent collaboration skills who can adapt well to the ever-changing market demand.

With my creativity, my insight into the market trends and my cooperation and communication skills, I can formulate strategic plans that are best suited for the situation.

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Work experience

Project Manager

Fontrip Technology CO., LTD.  •  二月 2021 - Present

A startup company derived from the Industrial Technology Research Institute. It focuses on destination tourism resource management services and is committed to providing customers with the most outstanding destination tourism.

1. Government tenders

  • Tender presentation and scheduling control.
  • Collaborated with a Marketing team to complete a tender agreement -  Nantou City.
  • Manage online marketing campaigns on Facebook to increase viewers over 60% in one week. 
  • Successfully achieve a cost reduction of 40%.
  • Project management and coordination with the local and regional teams, and monitor daily tasks to completion.
  • Took over the You-Tubers cooperation plan, assisted the video production and monitored the project progression, achieving 2.3 million views in one month, and successfully increasing brand volume.
  • organized 1 sharing & matching online activities cooperatively, and attracted 500+ participants.

2. Product Development

  • Established business relationships with potential clients, such as Cingjing Farm, Amusement park, ...etc. 

Marketing Specialist

Life-tour  •  二月 2017 - 十月2020

Organize part of  Life tour's online and offline campaigns, develop offers, balence costs and budgets, review and optimize the campaign by performance.

1.   Enhance Brand Awareness

  • It built the brand image and strengthened the visibility of the Product Manager and designer.
  • Planned and implemented events for distributors to develop cooperative relationships and promote brand awareness.

2.   Campaign Associate

  • Develop both online & offline marketing strategies .
  • Drafting proposals or plans for marketing campaigns that is optimized based on  observations and analysis of past events.
  • Following a project through its course and ensuring that everything stay on schedule.
  • Offline and online campaigns planning and execution(etc. 2019/05 TTE travel fair)
  • Introduced products to consumers at the largest exhibition in Taiwan: 
  • In the 2017/11 ITF travel fair event leader (Online & Offline), overall revenue increased 50% , and  also created the highest single-day revenue record of all websites.
  • In addition to reaching 350,000+ consumers visit in 4 days and were awarded the best originality in ITF travel fair

3.   Social Media & Content Marketing

  • With the Public Relations partners, we contacted local businesses and increased club funding by 45%; membership doubled.
  • Projects successfully launched over 60 online streaming programs in one year.
  • Finding, negotiating and signing contracts with YouTubers to promote products, tracking the project and analyzing the promotional results at the end.
  • Serving as a bridge between the company and KOL during promotion events. Smooth the cooperation and ensuring the achievement of preset goals and KPI.
  • Negotiated with suppliers to save $400,000 in one year.


Aletheia University|2003-2007|Department of English


   Microsoft Office      Mac      Google      Google Analytics Search Console  

  Trello      Slack      WordPress      Facebook  

Design Tools

   Illustrator      Photoshop      XD   


I'm Emily Lee. Like traveling, photography and free-diving. 

Currently working as a project manager in a technology systems company for nearly half a year, my main responsibility is to negotiate with different suppliers like the Bureau of Tourism and the proprietors to maximize the work that fulfills the ability to reuse. From my past training, I am capable of working in a creative and detail-driven working environment and competent at communicating and negotiating with different clients. During my tenure, the promotional videos we have cooperated with have nearly reached more than 2 million hits and have been well received within one month and the budget has also saved the company nearly 40% costs. 

Having lots of experience of B2B2C that I acquire the ability to analyze and prioritize the project goals, managing the time as well as the quality of the outcome. Additionally,  I have come to realize the importance of  ''Communication" and "Negotiation", which reminds me that although I know how to make work efficient, I still need to know that the process is indispensable.

I am confident in my ability to produce and while I prepare for the worst, I do the work necessary  to tilt the odds that the best will happen.

Thank you for taking time to review my resume and hope to have the opportunity to work together. If you get some light points here and I am who you might need, just feel to contact me. 

If you want to know me more

Welcome to contact me via LinkedIn and email, and it will be my honor if you would like to visit my online portfolio about marketing.

Last but not the last, I am currently setting up a personal website and I hope it can help you understand me better. If you are interested, please don't hesitate to urge me to finish it as soon as possible.