Anny Chen

Aggressive, positive, active.

Communications and marketing professional with extensive experience.

I'm not only a good learner but a great actor.


Marking / Sales

[email protected]


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BRIMO Technology, Jan 2017-Present

  • Responsible for Annual exhibitions(About 20 exhibitions/ year, established SOP and the matters including pre-event schedules planning, exhibits decide declaration, posters, and DM design, exhibitors configuration)
  • Executed the press release composing(brand and products promoting)Organized the government grants & projects(e.g. Taiwan Excellence) 
  • Developed the relationship with customers 
  • Forecasted and realized the market trends 
  • Integrated customer's needs Managed the PO, PI etc.
National Tsing Hua University, Sep 2011 - June 2015
  • Led the NTHU-CL Camp (Coordinated the courses and lecturer arrangements)
  • Obtained 1st inWomen Make Waves Taiwan school Essay Competition
  • Obtained 1st in Yuehan Literary Award
  • Headed the NTHU badminton team(Obtained 4th in Taiwan)

Teacher Lu's Composition School, Sep 2015 - June 2016

Taipei First Girls High School



Andriod, iOS Microsoft Office Illustrator, Photoshop, Google Analytics, Trello, Email Marketing

Social Media Channels: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, MailChimp

Pick me!

Excellent Integration ability

When I joined the company, I took the post of marketing. Last year coinciding with the International Year of our company, I headed almost 20 exhibitions, which were including overseas. Since the beginning of the process, all the front-end and follow-up processing operations have to be arranged(e.g.pre-event schedules planning, exhibits decide declaration, posters, and DM design, exhibitors configuration). I established the SOP, which became the guideline in the company, for the exhibition preparing and that greatly reduced the company's preparation for the exhibition, meeting time of required discussion and staffing issues.

Great flexibility and independent

I expect I am an unconventional person who can think out of the box. I always try to stand in customers' shoes, find out how to make customers' eyes widen at the sight. As a sales, I have to handle lots of projects which may co-work with integrators or end-users. In order to satisfy relevant customers,incorporate some applications to enhance efficiencies, such as trello and sortd. In that way, I can collect the information from the global market easily, provide what customer needs earlier than competitors.

Formidable attention to detail

"The devil hides in the details,"many problems often arise from the slightest carelessness. When programming the projects, like DM and posters design, I will do the sand table maneuver to ensure the entire project successfully.

I'm also a brave actor, too.I have self-learning Illustrator, Photoshop, Currently, posters and DM used by the company are all based on me.

Mature communication skills

When consulting with customers, I often come up with new ideas to make customers more interested in our products, such as a new way to integrate machines, so that customers can improve their produced processing. Through observing the responses from customers, I can adjust mine suggests immediately, provide suitable product specifications or applications. Moreover, when I give a proposal, I'll prepare in advance to adequately, to cultivate the on-the-spot reactions. In that way, I have obtained a lot of trusts from my customers.

Passionate team worker

A successful sales must has a great accompaniment to the whole team.Therefore, after finishing a meeting with the clients, I will hold a discussion with the relevant staffs. First, I propose the issue and the initial idea, then everyone can put various opinions to find out the most effective measures. I emphasize incorporate team suggestions into the replies to the customers, I believe my team, and they always response me.

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