CakeResume Employer Brand Planning

CakeResume Employer Branding

Companies with successful employer brands can clearly convey their visions, cultures, and values to job seekers.

CakeResume has helped many enterprises establish and promote their employer brands. Work with us to build a strong employer brand that attracts top talent.


Section Branding

Employer Branding

Through custom services like interview-based articles and Podcast episodes, job seekers can know your corporate culture and vision better. Companies can easily attract like-minded candidates and enhance competitiveness by boosting employer brands.

Branding 1

Interview-Based Articles

CakeResume’s marketing team will conduct an in-depth interview with your company, and publish the article on CakeResume’s blog along with social media promotion, reaching millions of active job seekers.

Branding 2

The Talent Connect Podcast

We will interview your company on the Talent Connect Podcast, sharing your corporate culture and philosophy with our audience. Talent Connect is a popular show that ranks top three in the technology category on Apple Podcast.

Section Promotion

Job Promotions & Employer Branding

A company’s online visibility is the key to attracting top talents. Job seekers want to join companies with good reputation and credibility.
CakeResume is experienced in employer branding, using different channels to promote your jobs and employer brand to suitable job seekers effectively.

Promotion 1

Precision Email Marketing

We will select the most suitable candidates from the millions of talents according to your criteria (e.g.experience, skills, job title, education, etc.), and reach them through emails.

Promotion 2

Social Media Marketing

We will plan and promote your employer brand through custom events.
Apart from CakeResume’s social networks (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn), we will promote your jobs and employer brand on online forums and communities according to your hiring needs.

Section Event

Recruitment Events

CakeResume is committed to connecting the supply and demand ends of the talent market. We not only understand job seekers’ needs but also stay ahead of the recruitment trends. Through online or offline recruitment events, we can quickly attract outstanding talents for you.

Recruit Event 1

Job Fairs

CakeResume holds regular job fairs every year, attracting thousands of job seekers. We invited well-known companies, including AWS, TSMC, Line, and Garmin, to participate in our recruitment events.

Recruit Event 2

Speed Interviews

In addition to large job fairs, we can customize a quick recruitment event according to your recruitment needs. A speed interview may help a company meet its quarterly recruitment goal.

Recruit Event 3

Talent Connect Workshops

In addition to recruitment events, we can help you hold workshops of around 50 to 150 participants, where you can interact with potential candidates directly.

Collaboration Process

Meeting Up
Through 30 minutes of discussion, our consultant team can gain a clear understanding of your recruitment needs, budget, and overall situation.
Employer Branding Proposal
After evaluating the recruitment effectiveness of different marketing channels, our consultant team will propose an employer branding plan that suits you best.
Plan and Execution
After confirming the employer branding strategies, we will plan the execution details and a timeline. The execution will start after the contract is signed.
Talk to Our Consultants
Principal Project Manager & Manager
@CyberLink/Perfect Corp.
CyberLink/Perfect Corp. logo
CyberLink/Perfect Corp. logo
2022 Recruitment Campaign: Senior Software Talents for Streaming and E-Commerce Services
Through this recruitment campaign with CakeResume, we were able to raise brand awareness and increase the exposure of our job posts across social media platforms. We saw the efforts CakeResume put into this campaign as well as their expertise in recruitment. CakeResume not only provided professional help in every step, from drafting the copy to tracking performance, but also designed strategies to effectively advertize the job posts based on the requirements of each role on social media. In the end, we successfully recruited the talent that we urgently needed. We look forward to working with CakeResume in the future.
Senior HR Specialist
@Trend Micro
Trend Micro logo
Trend Micro logo
2021 Senior V2X and Info Security Engineer Recruitment Campaign
We received a great deal of resumes through our online speed recruiting event with CakeResume in a short period of time. Compared to in-person recruitment events, this online speed recruiting campaign took less time to prepare and was much more efficient. It was exceptionally helpful during the time when we had more job openings. Online speed recruiting can significantly bring in more resumes. We’d very much like to work with CakeResume again on similar recruitment projects if the opportunity arises.
HR Talent Cultivation COE
Advantech logo
Advantech logo
2022 Summer Intern Recruitment Campaign
The CakeResume team was exceedingly professional and showed great attention to fine points. They drew up customized recruitment strategies for our hiring needs and advertized our job posts on social media to achieve effective exposure. We also gained access to the high-quality talents in CakeResume’s talent pool. In the past, we recruited interns on our official website, but this year, we worked with CakeResume and received twice the number of resumes.
Talent Acquisition Executive
@L’Oréal Taiwan
L’Oréal Taiwan logo
L’Oréal Taiwan logo
2022 Management Trainee and Summer Intern Recruitment Campaign
The CakeResume team took a very proactive role in our recruitment campaign and produced a great result. This year, we saw a 38% rise and a 60% rise in the numbers of resumes we received for our management trainee roles and summer intern roles respectively compared to last year.
Ann Chen
Talent Marketing Specialist
IBM logo
IBM logo
We recently worked with CakeResume on our recruitment campaign. Our company and the key positions gained considerable exposure on CakeResume’s various social channels. Consequently, we saw a significant rise in the number of applicants right away. CakeResume also boosted our brand image with interviews with our senior executive. Overall, we are grateful for the services we received and look forward to working with CakeResume again in the future.