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With more than 5 years experience of Android app development, 2 years of tech lead and 1 year of Flutter development, I love to code for building great products and personal growth. Passionate about sharing my knowledge and contributing to projects, keep learning and focus on pursuing what I want.


Senior Android & Flutter Developer & Tech Lead 
Taipei, Taiwan
[email protected]



  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • Dart
  • Python


  • Android SDK
  • Android Architecture Components: LiveData, ViewModel, Room, Paging, WorkManager, Navigation, Jetpack Compose.
  • Reactive Programming: RxJava, Kotlin Flow
  • Architecture: MVP / MVVM / MVI / Clean
  • Network: OkHttp + Retrofit
  • Dependency Injection: Koin
  • Epoxy
  • Git /Git flow
  • CI / CD for Android + Flutter: Bitrise, CircleCI
  • Flutter: BLoC, Flavor, Unit Tests


  • Chinese (Native)
  • English (Proficient)

Work Experiences

FunNow - Senior Android Developer, App Team Lead

2020/03 ~ Present
  1. FunNow android app: features development, refactor from MVP to MVVM, Android Architecture Components, reactive programming, coroutines.
  2.  FunBook Manager (for business) development with Flutter, BLoC pattern.
  3.  Lead the app team (both Android and iOS, 5 members), work with the PM and CEO to plan the features and timeline, design the architecture and flow, improve the development process, perform code review (on Android / Flutter), and recruitment.
Projects 01 00@2x
Projects 01 00@2x

Swag - Senior Android Developer, Android Lead

2016/06 ~ 2020/03

Projects 01 00@2x

  • Create and develop Swag app from scratch, using Java + MVP + RxJava as architecture.
  • Promoted to android lead, manage 2 team members for 1.5 years. (2018/01 - 2019/06). 

Projects 01 01@2x

  • Create Swagr app for our swagger content providers, 100% Kotlin + MVVM + RxJava2.
  • Introduce Android Architecture Components: ViewModel / Room / WorkManager / Paging.

Projects 01 02@2x

  • Case job to create the app that can watch or broadcast live streaming.

>> Swag has had spinoff from 17 Media since 2018/09. 

AAMS - Android Developer, Product Manager

2015/02 ~ 2016/06

Projects 01 00@2x

  1. Develop and maintain social media android apps. 
  2.  Promoted to product manager of social media platform, be in charge of apps re-design and development.

InfinitiBeat Co., Ltd. - Co-founder, Styletrip CTO

2013/09 ~ 2015/01

  1. My first startup, as the CTO of StyleTrip, I was responsible for designing and implementing the core features based on Java for our startup product: Styletrip - searching / recommendation / AI scheduling for the tourists. 
  2.  Build data infrastructure (database and web crawlers) and machine learning algorithms (kNN / Bayers) for Styletrip.

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Side Projects

Kotlins & Androids

Data Structure & Algorithms

A learning notes and resources of data structures and algorithms, including the implementation in Kotlin. 


Profile 03 00@2x

Personal Tech Blog

The place I share my knowledge, what I've learned, and what I'm building now. 


MovieHunt (Open Source)

Android app project based on Kotlin + MVVM + RxJava that demonstrates how Android Architecture Components (Paging / Room / LiveData / Navigation) + Epoxy works. 


>> There are a series of posts based on the MovieHunt project to showcase android app development. 

Profile 04 00@2x
Profile 03 00@2x

GalleryEngine (Open Source)

Android custom gallery library sample in Kotlin, MVVM, RxJava. 


Stock App

My personal stock investment app that shows the company information, finance statement, stock prices and chart.

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Profile 03 00@2x

SwagPoints (Open Source) 

My first open android library, it was used for my post: to teach how to custom view and publish as a library. https://github.com/enginebai/SwagPoints


Android app that provides movie info and rating (好雷/負雷) from PTT movie board to help people determine whether to watch or not. https://github.com/enginebai/MovieHunt/tree/master 

(Changed to MovieHunt project)

Profile 04 00@2x
Profile 03 00@2x


Environmental Protection Administration official app, my first android case job. 


Android app project that integrates popular/latest news and inspiration from some important news sources for developers, designers and entrepreneurs. 


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Profile 03 00@2x


Python API to develop chatbot on Facebook Messenger Platform. https://github.com/enginebai/PyMessager 


Unofficial Medium API that can access to user, post list and detail information.

Profile 04 00@2x
Profile 03 00@2x


Personal stock investment tools, it shows the company, finance report and stock prices, calculates the high/low price based on revenue, helps the user to buy or sell in a time series.


Personal portfolio chatbot on facebook messenger, it acts like me to talk about my experiences, project I built and my personality.

Profile 04 00@2x

DualCores Studio

Co-found with designer Evonne Wu (Microsoft designer), do the research on chatbot trend.

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  • Chatbot Developer & UX Meetup
  • Android Developer Study Group: New to Android Studio

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