Yi Cheng Hung

I am passionate about AI and being sensitive to data. I love to solve problems by using DL/ML skills. My research is focused on computer vision and recommendation systems. Done projects in FinTech, Smart Factory, and Smart Healthcare industries.

  Taipei City, Taiwan   Github https://github.com/henry3556108/data_science


1+ years of designing ML/DL models for multiple applications, such as Facial recognition systems, validation code recognition, movie recommendation system, AOI Defect detection, Image augmentation with GAN, and building stock indicators with ML models.


National Taipei University of Technolog

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science 

2016 - 2021

Work Experience

Data Scientist


Feb, 2021 - Present

- ETL 10+ projects in a year with Python
- Update JSP's old algorithm with reinforcement learning
- Maintain and refactor the production scheduling system
- Build data pipeline and model with PgSQL

Data Scientist Intern


Jul, 2020 - Nov, 2020

- Implement the OCR system
- Build OCR's Database with MySQL
- Make a web crawler service on Docker

Python Engineer Intern


Oct, 2019 - Jan, 2020

- Implement StyleGAN to augment the Face Detection dataset, which ended up increasing the database by 100 times

Develop product system environment with the shell script



  • Python
  • C, C++


  • Tensorflow
  • PyTorch
  • Keras


  • MySQL, PgSQL
  • Git
  • Docker


  • TOEIC 725 

Award, Licence

Medical hackathon

Cooperate with doctors, building classified models with features from EDA data for Smart Healthcare.

Google AI Trainer

Trained by Google's MLCC camp, held four conferences, and gave lectures about ML skills with more than 100+ audiences.

Online course certificate

Continue learning Data Scientist skills in my leisure time.

AOI Defect detection

Build models for detecting image defects to validate product quality.

Extracurricular Activities

SITCON Camp Volunteer

Participate in a computer science camp, acting as the group's leading mentor.

Fintech camp lecture

Gave lectures about web crawler and ML knowledge for a fintech camp in 2019.


  My name is Yi Cheng Hung and majored in Computer Science at the National Taipei University of Technology. I devoted myself to Machine Learning and Deep Learning skills, especially in Computer Vision during college. I was one of the committee members in the Programming Club and conducted four conferences regarding Machine Learning with team members. I have been a professional lecturer at four conferences about Machine Learning. I have been a volunteer for an information organization (Students' Information Technology Conference).

  Speaking of my working experience in AI-related skills, I was responsible for using StyleGAN to Augment our Face Detection dataset in SkyREC, and the dataset had successfully increased to 100 times more than before. When I worked for inFlux, I built the database for the Optical Character Recognization (OCR) system and built the data pipeline. In my spare time, I transferred the web crawler service into docker. Now I work at Synergies, I maintain production scheduling products, use reinforcement learning to refactor our old algorithm, ETL tremendous data with python and SQL, and implement ML models to solve corporate projects.

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