Epyon Yang(楊裕仁)

Hello, I am Epyon. 
I have been working in the audio-visual production industry for 10 years. 
My experience has afforded me a well-round skill set,
 including pre-production planning, executing, directing, editing and basic special effect production.
 In terms of content, I have solid experience in recording commercial and e-sports events, animation editing, webisode, TV shows and social media promo productions.
 In the future, I would like to keep developing my writing and directing ability and I am willing to take challenge in diversified projects.

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About Me

 I know when people have new ideas or inspirations but without execution, it can be just vague imagination. 

My strength is that I have the ability to formalize both the video production and procedures, 

to make sure everything is efficient and under great control, 

so as the deliverables can match the demand of the online platform.

About esports

E-sports experience in last several years, with a lot of experience in game planing, player marketing, fan management, and tournament event experience And this is much different than ordinary social marketing.

Because as the competition progresses, the results are different, and the content suitable for different periods is different. Also need to be more flexible and more executive to face different situations

In addition, apart from work I am also having a band (Liberation Zoo) for my own over years. 

Me and my crews in band compose lots of original music together. 

Because of all the training/experience related to music industry I have, 

makes me extremely sensitive to all kinds of music arrangement.

 I am quite confident that I can give the video a good vibe in both sound effect and background music arrangement.

About Thailand

Since I have made contact with Thai music, movies and creative-related industries, I am fascinated by the culture. 

It is the ‘sincerity’ that stands out from any other countries in the world. 

It is always feel like a real story that happens in the next door when you watch the advertisements from Thailand. 

Without the excessive packing, it truly touches people’s heart. As a commercial movie director, 

I am inspired by the warmth of the music and videos from Thailand. This is where drives me to learn. 

About The Language

Recently I am learning Thai letters and daily conversation. If I have the opportunity to work in Garena Thailand branch,

 I will communicate with my peer in English and basic Thai.

 I will speed up my Thai learning to avoid miscommunication with my colleagues.

 Participated esports event

2015 AVA International Championship

2015 A.V.A World Championship

2016 AVA International Championship

2016 A.V.A World Championship

2017 Throne of glory(Arena of Valor)

2017 Arena of valor International Championship Asia 

2018 Arena of valor World Cup

2018 Aisan Games (Arena of valor) 

2018 Arena of valor International Championship Asia 

2019 Arena of valor World Cup

2019 Arena of valor International Championship Asia

2020 Call of duty mobile Regional Qualifier

About My Experience

MOBA Private Limed(Garena)-Senior Video Editor,Sep 2020 - Now

Game community and e-sports related events video production, 

such as Call of cuty Mobile.

AHQ epsports thailand(bangkok)-social media manger,Feb 2019 - Jan 2020

Marketing for ROV(Arena of Valor) Team,  Including fans page content planning, offline activities, promo team player and lstre management .

Facebook Page 

MOBA Private Limied(Garena)-Video Editor,Apr 2015 - Now

Game community and e-sports related events video production, 

such as Arena of Valor and Alliance of Valiant Arms

Lucifer Media-Audio-visual Producer,Nov 2013-Feb 2015

Content Style planning, budgeting and scheduling. Selected projects: Taiwan What’s up?、 I am Celeb! 

Next Animation Studio,NAS-Project Editor,Jul 2009 - Apr 2013

Motion reel and layout design of Japanese animations production

Onetake Production- Post-production Edito,Jul 2006 - Feb 2009

Commercial events, TV Commercials and customized video production

About My Qualifications


Chinese ★★★★★ 

English ★★★✰✰


Technical Proficiencies

Adobe Premier Pro、Final Cut Pro、AfterEffect

photoshop、Adobe Lightroom

Strengths and Accomplishments

Wide-ranging knowledge of shooting equipment such as Canon 5D3, Sony A7S II, Sony C100, etc.

Indie Band Guitarist 、

Audio Mixing and Dubbing Production

About My Work

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