Chun Yen Fei

Front-End Developer




  • HTML5 
  • CSS3(SCSS) 
  • JavaScript(ES6) 
  • Typescript
  • Styled-Component


  • Next.js
  • React (Hooks)
    • Redux
    • Redux-Thunk
    • React Router


  • react-beautiful-dnd 
  • react-nice-dates
  • react-chartjs-2
  • Bootstrap
  • Swiper.js

UI / Cloud Service

  • Responsive Web Design(RWD)  
  • Firebase Authentication 
  • Firebase Storage 
  • Firestore


  • RESTful APIs 
  • AJAX 


  • Git/GitHub 
  • ESLint 
  • Agile/Scrum


Front-End Developer •KuoBrothers

May 2020 - Present 

  • Developed and maintained a high flow capacity e-commerce web site by React js and Next js 
  • Used styled-component for web site css styling 
  •  Understood and able to use async-await function or promise to connect Restful api for data fetching 
  • Leaded and made a new front end  project structure for 11/11 data dashboard and finished project within one week
  • Developed AMP page for increasing main product web site seo score 
  • Introduced advance react component design patter for creating feature component 
  • Introduced and developed Cypress E2E testing into project 
  • Participated Git flow developing structure 
  • Analyzed and decreased project bundled size for improving CI/CD speed 
  • Efficiency project development , delivered project on time or event faster

Jr.Front-End Developer • glaibo digital

Sep 2020 - May 2020

  • Studying and using Typescript for helping developing production product
  • Updating Next js framework product initial fetching data update for helping improve product performance
  • Updating graphql dynamic generated queries and implemented query combination to improve product performance 
  • Using React / Next js / gql / typescript knowledge accomplished requests  ex: cash-flow verification , building re-use components / hot events notifications

Front-End Trainee  •  AppWorks School

Sep 2020 - Jan 2020

  • Build a fully functional e-commerce website by Vanilla JS within 3 months
  • Co-op iOS and back-end team accomplished customer live chat service / product tracing extend features
  • Learned and used it in project within one week
  • Completed THE RAVEN project management system independently  within 5 weeks 
  • Ran agile/scrum for project management and Git/GitHub for version control
  • Accomplished high intense training for 70+ hrs/week over 4 months

Project Manager  •  MoonShine Animation

Feb 2019 - Sep 2020

  • Digital media project management/Maximum manage members over 60+
  • NTD 20,000,000 budget cases in one year.
  • Well known company customer relationship management-ASUS, Acer, Innodisk, etc

Work Achievement

E-commerce shopping website

Link :

  • Next js ssr structure project 
  • Implemented component with css in js and advanced react component design patterns
  • AWD  
  • implemented AMP pages to increase SEO score
  • performance enhance 
  • RESTFUL API/AJAX(async-await)
  • Cypress test 

Production project management platform

Link : 

Repo :

  • Applied React/React Router/React Hooks  for SPA
  • Used Redux for global state control
  • Used Redux-Thunk and Promise for complex asynchronous operations
  • Firebase Authentication for allowing third party and native login/sign up
  • Used Chart.js API for monitoring project progress
  • Supported RWD 


2017 - 2018

Vancouver Film School

3D animation & Visual Effect

2010 - 2014

TAMKANG University

Civil Engineering

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