Eric Leatherwood

Social Media Coordinator/ Manager  •  Los Angeles, US  •  [email protected]

Hello! My name is Eric Leatherwood, a trained and experienced social media strategist. I have over four years of experience in the fields of secretarial work, social media marketing, managing out / inbound calls, and market research


Market Research

Specialized in analyzing and researching market trends. From state to local, my skills can be adjusted to suit any needs

Social Media Management

Specialized multitasked management of social media to enhance reach and member engagement

Social Media Outreach

Understand virality,  expanding social media presence across all forms, enhancing video and market user engagement 


GOK (God of Konoha), Social Media Manager October 2012 - August 2015

Managed the day to day social media accounts and user interactions of a media company that specialized in Japanese animation celebration and analysis

Tessen Enterprise, Assistant Media Manager Sept 2015 - Feb 2016

Helped manage day to day digital and social media operations including reaching out to potential clients, creating live videos, and predicting what types of social media content users would like the most. 

Rescor Consulting, Media Editor, March 2016- October 2017

Managed and Coordinated media accounts with other social media managers to enhance the social media sites of our clients

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