Erick Guerrero

Accomplished Clinician and Researcher

As the founding director of the I-Lead Institute in Los Angeles, Dr. Erick Guerrero oversees a multidisciplinary team of professionals researching health care disparities in the field of substance abuse treatment. His research activities include leading nationally funded studies to improve health care systems and access to effective treatment among diverse populations worldwide. Erick Guerrero also serves as a licensed counselor providing mental health and addiction counseling services to hard to reach populations..

Alongside his work as a health services researcher and clinician, Dr. Guerrero maintains memberships in several organizations, including the National Hispanic Science Network. Additionally, he serves as a manuscript reviewer for the top-ranking journals in addiction, mental health, management and implementation. Dr. Guerrero’s other leadership roles include chairing Special Interest Groups on Racial/Ethnic & Gender disparities, Violence Prevention, Men's Health and Latinos in Science.

Prior to launching his career, Erick Guerrero earned a PhD from the University of Chicago, where he stood out as the first Mexican national to earn a doctorate from the university's School of Social Service Administration. He later completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Southern California before being hired as a USC professor.

Los Angeles, CA, US

Work Experience

Jun 2018 - Present

I-Lead Institute, REHD Corp

Associate Professor
University of Southern California


Oct 2020 - Dec 2020

Yale University
Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

Jan 2016 - Dec 2018

Northwestern University
Organizations and Management

Sep 2004 - Aug 2009

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
University of Chicago

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