董艾鈴 Ailing, Tung

4+ years experience of Android app development, familiar with Android, Leanback, kotlin, Java, git, C/C++, OpenCV/OpenGL, Computer Vision, Image Processing, MVM, MVVM, Design Pattern, Firebase, Amplitude, 2013 TOEIC 910



E-mail:[email protected]


KKTV Co., Ltd Product Senior Engineer 2019.12 ~ Now

  • KKTV app
    • Solve issues and customer complaints. 
    • Monitor crash free rate, provide in-app messages and RemoteConfig with Firebase.
    • Improve cross-platform user experience by providing Cast Connect function with mediaSession and mediaSessionConnector across mobile and Android TV platforms.
    • Increase MAU by providing free content for non-paid users and AD displaying at AndroidTV.
    • Improve loading performance and api requests for better user experience.
    • Support mediaTrack preference at mobile/Android TV and refactor with MVVM
    • Upgrade In-app billing(IAB) from 1.0 to 4.0. - Increase subscription by providing a Sharing package and binding flow.
    • Increase subscription by providing a Sharing package and binding flow.
    • Customize Leanback ui to provide additional function for users.
    • Improve video selection experience with collection filters.
    • Improve build flow by upgrading the environment of AOSP project and KKStreamExoPlayer.
    • Implement account data integration flow and upgrade KKID login. 
    • app: https://bit.ly/32Jj2Cd Android TV: https://bit.ly/35Q2wCE

  • Website
    • Support new live structure - Construct video chart list at home page
    • Improve Ad ui style through Google Tag Manager(GTM)
    • Solve ui issue for multiple screen support
    • Web: https://www.kktv.me


ASUSTek Computer Inc. Software RD&Engineer 2016.11 ~ 2019.11

  • Asus Gallery
    • Solve various issue and customer complaint
    • Develop ZenUI feature by cross-functional communication
    • Fix bug with system App like Camera and BSP fileSystem team
    • Handle change in App when launch to latest Android version
    • Apply system theme with designer - Improve user experience like video resize
    • Support SAF Rename and refactor for performance
    • Building .so library by ndk for supporting third-party beauty feature
    • Play Store:https://bit.ly/30r3WxB
  • Asus GalleryBurst
    • Apply system theme with designer
    • Solve issue with BSP Codec team for slow motion


Grazingcat Design Intern 2014.2 ~ 2014.7

    • Joomla back-end and develop API 
    • Implement dynamic photo wall, articles with CSS and javascript



National Chiao Tung University 2014.9 ~ 2016.9

  • Master of  Institute of Multimedia Engineering

  • Thesis:Optimal View Selection For Indoor Scene
    • Develop with: C、C++、cuda、Nvidia Optix、PCL
    • Apply rule of indoor photography and find best viewpont base on 3D model
    • Implement ray tracing with Nvidia Optix and cuda


National Taiwan Normal University 2010.9 ~ 2014.8

  • Bachelor of Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering 
  • Undergraduate Research:Finding the most interesting scene in movie (College Student Research of MOST:102CFA0300075) 
  • Teaching and preparing for 2012 ACM winter camp 2012.2 
  • Participate 2011、2012 International Collegiate Programming Contest, ICPC

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