Eslam Said Mohamed Abu Obaya

Nationality: Egyptian

Religion: Muslim 

Marital Status: Single

Military Service: Led service

Date of birth:19/5/1992
E-mail address : [email protected]

Mobile No: (02) 01094260891 - (+966) 544595646

Home No : (02) 42240938

Cairo, Egypt


I trusted that the teamwork is better than individual one in other

words Cooperation between the staff that achieves the highest desired quality, Not cooperation only but the discipline and every one of staff must work as his duties, In addition to the skills, abilities and qualification of staff.

Education Data …..

Qualification: BA of  Arts Geography

From: Department of Geography, Mapping Division, Faculty of Arts

Cairo University, Egypt

 Year of Graduation: 2013

Cumulative grade: Good

Graduation Project grade: Excellent


       Arc GIS 

Microsoft Office

       Auto Cad 2D 

     Global mapper 
 Microsoft Windows


                 Google Earth 

Other Skills

Surveying Instruments:

        Leveling Instruments               


                      Total Station


Specialist geographic information systems of the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics

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Surveyor in general Nile Company for Roads and Bridges

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Experience 03

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