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The writing solution is an important part программы of the curriculum at Vancouver Institute of Media Arts and beyond. This type of work is well known to students of technical and economic faculties, as well as those who are studying in natural Sciences and Humanities. Any writing involves accurate input data and a clear statement of the question, and its solution is numerical calculations with explanations for each individual action.

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Solution writing: the main stages
of Writing in the educational process contributes to the formation of a deep understanding of the subject, the development of analytical thinking, as well as an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge and establish cause-and-effect relationships. To deal with writing is to find a sequence of formulas and definitions that will lead to the result — the answer.

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Despite all the variety of writing, there are several common stages in the solution:

First, you need to carefully read the conditions, write out the specified parameters and the required ones, and determine the relationship between them.
Select a suitable reference frame.
Create a system of equations.
If necessary, use a graphical expression of the available information (drawings, geometric shapes, graphs, etc.).
Solve the system of equations and output the final formula.
Substitute known data there and write the answer in numeric or alphabetic form

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