Why Google Adword In Sydney Must Target Mobile Users

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With mobile use levels continuing to rise and surpass other media usage, it is time that digital marketing efforts and Google AdWords Sydney really start to focus on these potential users by adapting marketing efforts to the mobile user and their behavior. 

While not something new, neither something groundbreaking, you would think that everyone who understands and uses mobile marketing and targets the large mobile audience would advertise their business in this manner. Sadly not.

In complete agreement with AdEspesso, “The world of mobile advertisements is substantial. There isn’t just a mobile advertising expert; there are now mobile advertising experts who specialize in creating and executing digital strategies on Twitter and those who specialize in mobile search ads on Google.The best mobile marketer [or business owner] is one who understands their medium and matches it with user intent to create a rewarding experience.” 

How To Make The Most Of Your Google Adwords 

First off, simply choose the kind of device your ads will be showcased. In this case, choose mobile devices. You can even boost results by targeting specific devices that your audience or potential audience uses such as iPhones. Then invest your ad spend in a strategic mobile ad campaign. Remember that the most popular mobile advertising platforms include Google Mobile Search Ads, Facebook and Instagram Mobile Ads. Briefly, some tips which can help you create effective ads that get conversions, engagement and views include: 

  • Tap into each ad type capabilities. 
  • Create a sense of urgency in your ad copy. 
  • Use ad customizers.
  • Make sure the ad takes the user to a mobile-optimized website. 
  • Utilize mobile-specific ad extensions. 
  • Use mobile Facebook Ads to generate leads.
  • Target people who search your site on mobile devices. 

Luckily, We Understand Mobile Advertising And Google Adwords

Luckily, at Esteem Media we understand how to target your marketing efforts to mobile users and we’re fully immersed in Google Adwords In Sydney which means we actually achieve marketing goals and attain ROI for our clients. Helping your business see revenue from your mobile advertising efforts is what we’re waiting to do for you! Email [email protected]! For other online marketing and digital media solutions, get in touch right now!

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