Ethan Lo

AI x FinTech x MarTech

Artificial intelligence engineer, Financial Data Engineer

[email protected]


  Taipei, Taiwan.  New York, USA


AI-Deep Learning

  • NLP
  • CNN
  • GAN
  • DQN
  • Pytorch
  • YOLOv5
  • RNN - LSTM
  • TensorFlow / Keras
  • Reinforcement Learning

AI-Machine Learning

  • KNN
  • SMV
  • RandomForest
  • LogisticRegression 
  • TensorFlow / Keras
  • Decision tree learning


  • Web Crawler
  • Program Trading 
  • Image Processing
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Automated process optimization



  • Listening: Enhance
  • Speaking: Enhance
  • Reading: Enhance
  • Writing: Enhance


  • Listening: Native 
  • Speaking: Native
  • Reading: Simplified and Traditional Chinese
  • Writing: Simplified and Traditional Chinese


Borough of Manhattan Community College

CUNY Language Immersion Program, Full-time student

2019 - 2021

National Taipei University of Business

Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration

2016 - 2018

National Taipei University of Business

Business Administration, Associate degree

2011 - 2016

Work Experience

AI and Deep Learning Application Talent Development Class, Trainee

Industrial Technology Research Institute 

05/2021 - 07/2021
Taipei, Taiwan

Learn and implement AI application related theories and technologies, and present a special report [Image Identification for Self-Driving Cars].

Head office, Sales Marketing 1, Assistant Manager 

KGI Futures Co. Ltd.  

08/2020 - 04/2021
Taipei, Taiwan

Assist clients in dealing with futures trading matters. 

General Merchandise, Crew. 

Target Corporation

10/2019 - 03/2020
Manhattan, New York

Provided great customer service, processed purchase and shelf related operations. 

Front of House (FOH) Team Member 

BAO Tea House

06/2019 - 10/2019
Manhattan, New York

Provided sales strategy suggestions, improved customer satisfaction (Google Map review increased from 3.2 to 4.5), checkout and made drinks. 

Information and Network Center, Office Assistant 

National Taipei University of Business 

09/2011 - 06/2018
Taipei, Taiwan

Assisted in processing daily office duties and contacted with external mechanism. 


Combine artificial intelligence and multiple domain knowledge to create competitive products.

Artificial intelligence

Image Identification for Self-Driving Cars

Combine image recognition, deep learning and mechanical learning in the AI field to create an image recognition system with high-speed portability.

  • openCV
  • YOLOv5
  • GAN, VGG19
  • RandomForest
  • LogisticRegression, SMV,
  • TensorFlow / Keras, Pytorch

Forecast the Trend of TSMC by LSTM

Use LSTM - long short-term memory model to predict stock prices. Use the online database to flexibly update the subject.

  • RNN - LSTM,
  • FinMind - Taiwanese Online Database Connection


Program Trading

Combining trading strategies and brokerage APIs to transform strategies into program trading

  • Backtesting of Taiwan Index Futures and Option Strategy 
  • Taiwan Index Futures, Option Program Trading
  • Connect Yuanta Futures API & Smart API 
  • Connect KGI Futures API & GOrder API

Web Crawler

Used crawler technology to quickly and automatically obtain financial market real-time information.

  • Taiwan Futures Exchange Daily Futures Settlement Price
  • Taiwan Futures Exchange Daily Option Settlement Price
  • Taiwan Securities Central Depository 52-week equity change statement


FaceBook Advertising Information System

Focus on the field of advertising and promotion, and use Selenium to implement the Waterfall website crawler. Automatically collect the list of members of the public club and deliver advertising information to target audience.

Automatic Temperature Report Form

Since the epidemic, more and more companies have a mechanism for employees to fill in their body temperature daily. How to effectively reduce the waste of human resources is the original intention of this project.

Image Identification for Self-Driving Cars

Combine image recognition, deep learning and mechanical learning in the AI field to create an image recognition system     with high-speed portability.                                                                                                                                                                       

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