Eugene Lin

Front End Engineer

    Toronto, ON, Canada


I am a senior front-end web developer proficient with React, React Native, Redux, Next.js, Node.js and AWS. I always place a high priority on customer satisfaction, I am easy to work with, and I am comfortable in agile environments. I have a keen understanding of how to simplify even the most complex projects. I've built single-page applications and developed full-stack websites and hybrid applications using advanced AWS features and Google Firebase services.


 React  React Native  Redux  JavaScript  TypeScript    HTML5  CSS3  Next.js  Node.js  GraphQL  AWS Services  Firebase

Work Experience

Full Stack Engineer  •  Brackot

✔ Built SPA for tournament organizing SAAS platform using React and TypeScript.
✔ Designed the pages and built pixel-perfect and mobile-responsive pages.
✔ Built bracket management and rendering system for tournaments like Single Elimination, Double Elimination, SWISS, Round Robin, Free For All, all kinds of brackets.
✔ Wrote high-quality code following the best practices like DRY.
✔ Wrote REST APIs using Node.js and TypeScript, also used and PostgreSQL for the all the business logic flow with real-time updated UI.
✔ Added smooth animation all over the web app to provide better customer user experiences like Skeleton Loaders.

Aug 2020 - Aug 2021

Front End Engineer  •  Bitspawn

✔ Upgraded the app with new designs in PSD format with React and TypeScript.
✔ Built all the components used in the project from scratch without any frameworks.
✔ Wrote reusable and derived components following the best practices of Angular.
✔ Integrated Go API on the front-end side using Axios.
✔ Used RxJS to handle all async interactions with API.

March 2020 - Aug 2020

Front End Engineer  •  Nextbrain

✔ Built and maintained the front end of a social web application using React.
✔ Created a hybrid mobile app using Ionic.
✔ Integrated Node.js back-end on front-end side using GraphQL.
✔ Collaborated with developers to establish the strategy for coding standards, cross-browser compliance, code organization, and architectural design and documentation.
✔ Managed legacy code while simultaneously creating new features and pages.
✔ Implemented workflows and guidelines for code consistency, readability, maintainability, and testability.

May 2018 - March 2020

Full Stack Engineer  •  Clarizen

✔ Built a web-based application using React, Node.js and MongoDB.
✔ Created multiple key features and components for the project to increase client experience and engagement rate.
✔ Integrated Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics throughout the app to track user behaviors to provide more accurate curated research documents to clients and increase user engagement.
✔ Implemented a scalable real-time messaging system using and RabbitMQ

February 2016 - April 2018

Back End Developer  •  Bitly

✔ Set up an automated continuous delivery system for testing and publishing our software stack.
✔ Worked on a distributed computation framework designed to support autonomous operations on blockchain.

March 2015 - December 2015

Full Stack Engineer  •  Nitro, Inc

✔ Performed full-stack development work on home page, an entirely API-driven application, including implementing new APIs or redeveloping existing connections and functionality and designing new interfaces to interact with new APIs or functionality.
✔ Built app components in Node.js & Firebase to be consumed by mobile apps.
✔ Developed apps in Python to interact with voice/SMS channels via Twilio/TWIML

October 2013 - December 2014

Frontend Web Developer  •  Radware

✔ Developed and optimized the front-end framework using jQuery, Blade, and Backbone.js, to maximize the user experience.
✔ Designed and developed a front-end operations-based system allowing front-end developers to pick and choose which elements and widgets are displayed on any given page based on user operation permissions.
✔ Tracked metrics including time to first byte, page load times, and bandwidth in order to optimize the code for various types of Internet connections.
✔ Designed and developed a JavaScript module to escalate conduction of A/B testing across the entire site.

May 2012 - February 2013


2007 - 2011

The University of Hong Kong

Bachelor of Science-BS Computer Science

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