Evan Chiu

Data engineer •  Taipei,TW  +886922619559

•  [email protected]

Self-motivated and proactive Data Engineer with 2+ years professional experience in complex data analysis.
Quick, logical thinker with strong knowledge in ETL process, RESTful API and Python with proven records.
 Able to collaborate with cross-functional teams and possess good communication skills to drive team results.


Data Science

  • Machine Learning Algorithm 
  • Data Visualization


Python Package

  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • Matplotlib
  • Nature Language toolkit
  • Scikit-learn

Cloud Service 

  • BigQuery
  • Cloud functions
  • Cloud run 
  • App Engine
  • Firestore
  • Dataflow


Data engineering

  •  Compiling data 
  •  Reporting and documentation 
  •  Database development 
  •  Relational Database Management 


  • Git
  • Post-Quantum-Cryptography 
  • Blockchain 
  • Latex
  •  Information Theory
  • Cryptography

Work Experience   

Aiii Data Engineer 2018/7 -

- Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Develop LINE Chatbot products and new functions through developing and maintaining data pipeline, and utilize Machine Learning techniques to identify key target audience and provide solutions for clients. 

  • Operate, expand and improve ETL process for data collection, cleansing, processing, storage and analytics, and generate insights for customer needs, operational efficiency and business performance metrics.

  • Pioneer to build up the first AI recommendation system that significantly increase campaign ROI and trigger purchases for clients by utilizing cloud run.

  • Build up microservices for clients (such as customized data reports, web crawling during Covid-19, etc.), and develop RESTful API by using Flask.

  • Lead 2 data engineers to accomplish remarketing project of e-commerce customer and provide GCP database trainings, while collaborating closely with cross-functional teams (PM and Front/Backend Engineering Team)

-Selected Achievements:

  • Successfully developed Wifi signal analysis function to calculate retail store traffic and achieved 85% accuracy
  • Boosted 300% click rate by precisely analyzing user data and identifying key target audience
  • Optimized 65%~85% marketing budget and increased 50% message exposure to engage valuable customers

Education:National Taiwan University

 Major: Physics, M.S  2015/9 - 2018/2

 Master Thesis:  Secret Key Rates of Practical Quantum Key Distribution Link
Acted as the first researcher in the lab to analyze various QKD protocol to identify the most efficient and optimized key rate, and achieved the result that was 10% better than the best key rate at the time

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