Evgeni Dimitrov

I study programming since about year and 3 months at Softuni. When I started the basic level, I realized that I would like to do such a job. Then, continuing with the next courses, my opinion was confirmed. Unfortunately, I still do not have experience in a real work environment, but I would compensate for this with diligence and desire for new knowledge.

Current Position
City, BG
[email protected]

Work Experience

Nestle Ice Cream, Technical Specialist, May 2008 ~ Mar 2019

I took care of the maintenance and smooth operation of the refrigeration, boiler, gas, air and water systems in the factory.



Fundamentals Module 

JS Advanced 

JS Web with Angular, 2019 ~ 2021

Technical High School,

Refrigeration and heat equipment, 1999 ~ 2005

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