Eyosias Desta

Eyosias is a software engineer from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He graduated from Addis Ababa Institute of Technology with a bachelor's degree in software engineering. For more than three years, he worked on both back-end and front-end projects. He is a kind of person who really likes solving problems and a person who always searches for better ways to get things done. He is also a skilled UX/UI designer, having created stunning web and mobile app UI designs for businesses ranging from the low-fidelity wireframe stage to the final UI design stage. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his friends, reading historical books, and hiking.

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Addis Ababa University

Software Engineering

2015 - 2020

Work Experience

Software Engineer (Senior)  •  JSI | John Snow Inc.

February 2021 - Present

currently, I'm developing a system for the Ethiopian Ministry of Health (MOH) on behalf of the JSI company in a project called Human Resource Licensure (HRL) using Node.js runtime environment as a backend engineer. I'm assembled with my teams to build an application for giving out licenses for medical professionals in Ethiopia. 

Software Engineer (Senior)  •  JSI | John Snow Inc.

February 2021 - Present

I Design and develop a Telegram client application in ReactJs and React Native. I contributed telegram API integration using TDLib (a fully functional Telegram client).

Junior Software Engineer  •  Digital Strategy

March 2020 - September 2020

Worked with a team of software engineers on the development of a social media web application in a test-driven programming approach. The app enables users to share their feelings and attitudes through haiku poems and interact with other people. I produced a simple, easy-to-use user interaction design and contributed software engineering expertise in the development of the application from requirement gathering to deployment in a test environment.

Software Engineer (intern)  •  Digital Strategy

February 2019 - September 2019

I participated in a project focused on an Organizational Management system. My tasks included developing a notifying and managing service using the Laravel framework and running our web server in the cloud using AWS (Amazon Web Services). To execute a plan, I needed to handle core application logic using data structure algorithms, data and application integration, and database modeling. Furthermore, I managed to introduce a smart time tracking feature allowing employers to have a rich insightful report, an instant messaging component that allows an employee to get in touch with their employers. 


Participated in a machine learning research project to design a natural language translation from English to Tigrinya and vice versa. The system takes English language sentence in text and translate it to the Tigrinya language display the result in our platform , and it does the same way to translate from Tigrinya to English.

  • worked as a team leader of an A graded final year project in Addis Ababa Institute of Technology 

  • successfully implemented and deployed an encoder-decoder sequence to sequence translation model 

  • participated in data collection and data preparation of the system 

  • Developed a front end mobile application using React Native

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Volunteering (Against Strong Holds)

Against strong holds was a program founded by me and some of my friends. The aim of the program was to spend our time of summer with street(homeless) children. We shared our life aspects with them, we also learned great aspects of life experience from them. By the end of summer, we got donations from different volunteer individuals who heard about the program, so we were able to fulfill different resources like clothes, books, bags that the children needed to continue their education.


Programming Languages

Java    Javascript    C#    Python    C    C++    Ruby

Tech Stack

 Node.js     React    Vue    Ruby  Rails   Laravel   Angular  React Native  .NET Framework

Design Tools

 Adobe XD       Sketch 


   PostgreSQL    MongoDB   MySQL 


  • English - Fluent
  • Amharic - Native

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