Ezhilarasan R

Sr. Executive - Production & planning

  Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Dedicated and motivated production executive with over 5 years' experience in various manufacturing units. Proven track record in field of crafting and executing strategies of production plan that reduces conversion costs and improve production. Being a trendsetter increase the production as per maximum capacity of the facility provided by the way of line balancing and process stabilization. Proven abilities to manage the projects mainly in cost reduction. Coordinated the subordinates and aligned them in single page by good leadership quality. I am seeking to leverage my skills in newer ways and domain.

Work Experience

Sr. Supervisor - Production & planning  •  Natural Remedies Pvt.Ltd

March 2018 - Present

  • Managed the entire manufacturing and packing operations of the powder & liquid production facility and delivered 100% PvA consistently on every month.
  • Pioneered in production & scheduling activities and prepared the monthly production plan and delivered 100% as per market requirements. 
  • Analyzed and achieved the day-to-day operations towards the objective of continuously improving the performance metrics up to 20% per quarter.
  • Enhanced the 15% OEE by minimizing machine breakdowns, continuous improvements & modifications in Technology wise.
  • Led the budget related activities and data availabilities like Capex/Opex, conversion cost/unit, ROI, Manufacturing efficiency, Material usages & Inventory controls.
  • Ensured the 100% compliance to all internal and external regulatory and quality audits, processes and systems Inside the plant and coordinated with QA/QC/Engineering department for smooth functioning of the facility.
  • Coordinated with Stores and Planning department for Resource availability like raw & packing materials until the month end and associated with development team for technical transfer of products from pilot plant to production facility.
  • Demonstrated knowledge on SAP PP, MM modules for roll out the production activities and operational
    excellence criteria's.
  • Spearheaded 100% EHS requirements and implementation of safety procedure in Work location and Maintaining the production facility with 100% 5S. And gained the 5 S steering committee member reward. 
  • Directed the subordinates according to established policies, standard procedures & data integrity for making them multi skilled.
  • Prepared and reviewed the SOP's, Batch manufacturing documents and related formats. 
  • Pioneer experienced to manage GMP, USFDA/EU, FSMS, HALAL, QMS, EMS, OHSAS audits.

Supervisor - Production & Planning  •  Taeyang Metal India Pvt.Ltd

November 2015 - February 2018

  • Handled 100+ manpower per shift in EPS Steering assembly unit.
  • Achieved the target as per committed production plan.
  • Monitored the monthly production plan report and analyzed & eliminated the bottlenecks.
  • Coordinated QA/QC/Stores/Engineering departments for smooth functioning of the facility.
  • Managed the production line activities in 100 % achievement.
  • Planned and implemented the training activities for operator and newcomers.
  • Coordinated with QA team for analyzing the customer complaints & found the root cause also eliminated the problem by implementing fool proof system. 
  • Organized the daily Work Meeting with line leaders & act on gaps between Plan v/s Actual.
  • Implemented the Kaizen and poke yoke and 5S on shop floor.
  • Ensured the adequate 5S activities in the respective areas 
  • Focused on cost reduction technique by successful implementation by the way of pilot projects. 
  • Handled the Inventory Management & rejection Control.

Key achievements:

  • Reduced the liquid filing conversion cost from 12 to 4 rupees by reducing the cycle time with line balancing.
  • Won the first price in GEM project of year in 2020 at NRPL by saving the 80 lacs for the organization by fixing the lower TS as commercial TS for 5 products.
  • Rewarded as a best technical supporter on new automated filling unit commissioning team.
  • Saved 35 lacs for the organization by fixing the Suspended solids limit by coordinated with customers for medicine products. 


Aug 2011 - April 2015

K S Rangasamy College of Technology

BE Mechanical Engineering

Skills                                                           Contact information                       

  • Leadership and Interpersonal skill
  • Problem solving skill 
  • SAP PP &MM Modules 
  • MS Office
  • Production management 
  • Budgeting & ROI 
  • Reduction of Conversion cost
  • Instant decision & Solution provider 
  • Project management 
  • Material & People management. 

Ezhilarasan R

Mobile: +91- 81448 65596

             +91-79041 00335

Email Id: [email protected]

LinkedIn Id: www.linkedin.com/in/ezhilarasan-r-36b04393 

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