Ray Wu

3-year research experience in laser optics, semiconductor deposition process and material analysis. Well-trained in physics, optics, photonics, electronics and semiconductor field.

Optoelectronics Engineer, Semiconductor Engineer
Taipei, Taiwan

Phone     +886 933989423 
Email       [email protected]

Work Experience

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, Intern, Jul 2018 ~ Sep 2018

  • Participate in PVD process department to join the camera module materials development, improving thin films deposition process and analyzing the yield rate 
  • High-level clean room working experience
  • Participate in process integration department to attend in meeting with client



National Chiao Tung University, MS, Electonphysics, 2017 ~ 2020

  • Master's thesis:A study of MoS2 thin films deposited and annealed by femtosecond laser
  • Using femtosecond laser to deposit MoS2 thin films, and anneal thin films to improve the quality about 10%
  • Reveal the carrier dynamics of thin films by ultrafast pump-probe system
  • Other research
    • Research of replacing furnace annealing by laser annealing in process of MoS2 thin films
    • Research of annealing polymer solar cells to improve conversion efficiency about 5%
  • Physics lesson TA experience to provide tutor to students
  • GPA:3.7/50


National Chung Hsing University, BS, Physics, 2013 ~ 2017

  • Learning physics, optics, photonics and electronics knowledge and experiment
  • Leader of basketball team of department, reached the top four in national event
  • GPA:3.4/50



Laser Optics

Laser optics
Optics experiment
Ultrafast laser analysis


Semiconductor process
Semiconductor physics
Semiconductor material analysis
Pulse laser deposition


2D material



Hi! I am Ray from Taipei. I graduated with master’s degree in electrophysics from National Chiao Tung University, and I have bachelor’s degree in physics form National Chung Hsing University. By the learning during college and postgraduate, I have a good command of physics, optics, electronics, and semiconductor. 

Since majoring in physics and electrophysics, I am adept at physical principle and theory. The training and learning also establish me logical thinking, which help me a lot with solving problems. 

My master’s thesis is “A study of MoS2 thin films deposited and annealed by femtosecond laser”. I had an in-deep studying of pulse laser deposition, laser annealing, ultrafast pump-probe system and 2D materials. Also, I am familiar to various kinds of measure instruments such as Raman, XRD, SEM and EDS. In this period, I learned how to design an experiment and how to improve it. 

I am proactive to every opportunity. I joined TSMC to be an intern when first grade of my master’s degree. I learned about how a department work and corporate with other teams. Additionally, during postgraduate, I used to be a teaching assistant who is responsible to prepare the course content and provide tutor to students, and this experience trained me to communicate to different people as well as improving my expression ability. 

My interesting is basketball. I used to be the leader of basketball team of department in college. To be a good leader, I need to lead the way of my team and I like to get to the higher level performance with my team. 

Besides, my another interesting is python. I am familiar to establish mathematical model with python to analyze my experiment data. 

In the eyes of my family and friends, I am an affirmative person who can face things optimistically. In my school life, I learned various kinds of professional knowledge. In basketball team, I learned the responsible attitude and the importance of cooperation. I believed that my experience and enthusiasm can help me to excel in my role in company. Thank you!