Yu-En Tsai

[email protected] +1(551)273-9311

18283 Baylor Avenue, Saratoga, CA

Work Experience


Data Infrastructure Engineer, Palo Alto, U.S.                                                                                       FEB 2020 - NOW  Data Engineer Intern, Palo Alto, U.S.                                                                                             AUG 2019 - DEC 2019

-Developed platform for issue detection and alerting using apache airflow/spark for three product teams that enabled them to self serve monitoring of energy devices. 

-Developed validation scripts to detect inconsistent data in migration tables.

Bayer, Data Engineer Intern, St. Louis, U.S.                                                                                MAY 2019 - AUG 2019

-Transformed eleven data pipelines for crop science data from local server to cloud computing platform(AWS) by using AWS glue, Spark, Scala, Python, Postgres, Apache Airflow.

Oath(Yahoo), Data Engineer Intern, Taiwan                                                                              NOV 2017 - MAR 2018

-Developed several E-commerce ETL jobs to visualize the business insight of customer buying decision.

-Conducted a streaming data ETL job about news and articles’ performance from Yahoo Homepage in Taiwan

-Used Oracle PL/SQL and Hive to fulfill the demand of CRM development and system operations.

Tesla, IT Applications Development Intern, Taiwan                                                                 JUL 2017 - AUG 2017

-Worked with APAC IT development team to develop cash-flow and reservation web service in Asia by using Agile development, the.Net Framework(C#), Microsoft SQL Server, WEB API and Message Queue.

Bravo Ideas, R&D Intern, Taiwan                                                                                                    APR 2016 - SEP 2016

-Led a team with three interns to design E-commerce application architecture, build database by MySQL and develop web application by Codeigniter.


University of Illinois Urbana Champaign                                                                                                    Urbana, IL, United States

• Master of Science in Information Management , GPA: 3.86/4.0                                                              DEC 2019

• Relevant Coursework: Data Warehousing and BI, Data Mining, Data Stat & Info(R), Programming for Analytics & Data Processing(Python), Information Modeling, Socio-technical Info Systems, Theory & Practice Data Cleaning

National Cheng-Chi University                                                                                                                       Taipei, Taiwan

• Bachelor of Commerce in Management Information System                                                                  JAN 2018 

• GPA: 3.55/4.0; LAST 60 GPA: 3.85/4.0 

• Relevant Coursework: Database Management(MySQL)/ Computer Programming/ Statistics/ Data Structure(Java)/ Management Science/Introduction of Block chain and Python Programming/ Big data application(Tableau)

Programming skills and tools                                                           Honors & Leadership experience

Programming Language: Python, Java, PHP, R, Scala, C#

Mvc Web Structure: ASP.net, Codeigniter 

Data Technologies: MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle PL/SQL, PostgreSQL, Kafka, Hadoop(Hive, Spark, Pig, Tez), MSTR, Tableau, Power BI, SAP, ETL, Datalog, Airflow, AWS Glue, Presto, Superset,  Hbase

-UIUC I-school merit-based scholarship

-Young Monte Jade Technology & Science Association 

 Vice General Director

-Student Association of the MIS Activity Executive leader

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