FANG YI HUANG (Stephanie Huang)

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About Me

I am a testing engineer with over 8 years of testing experience on mobile phones (Acoustics testing, Camera testing, Photos and Mobile application testing) and 1 year experience for automation development of Pixel phone Acoustics testing. 

I am an observant and sensitive worker, also have a good ability of independent thinking to problem-solving and decision-making. Keeping flexible thinking make me earlier to overcome unexpected scenarios quickly.

I am responsible and committed to my job, always collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality products on time. I am also a team player and communicate well in any cross-functional teams.


  • Good at test planning, defined test strategy, implementing test plan and test cases also build up the test environment. Issue feedback and reporting, bug tracking and data analyzing.
  • Program: Python, My SQL, Google Data Studio, ADB commands


  • Fu Jen Catholic University (2012 ~ 2014)
    • Master of Science in Applied Statistics
  • Fu Jen Catholic University (2008 ~ 2011)
    • Bachelor of Statistics and Information Science 

Work Experience

  • Google-PTE  (Pixel Testing Engineer Team) (2018/01~2023/03)
NOV 2021 - MAR 2023Pixel Acoustics Automation Test Development
  •  Acoustics automation and benchmark testing for Pixel 2022.
    • Designed the test automation for measuring the speaker quality to enhance the test efficiency including the executing more test runs to cover more test scenarios and test coverage.
    • Collaborated with cross functional teams to make transitions from manual to automation. 
    • Measuring the speaker quality and automation development. Worked to automate some workflows by writing scripts that enhances efficiency.

JAN 2019 - MAR 2023Pixel Acoustics Test and User Perspective Evaluation
  • Arranged and designed subjective acoustics test, volume test and executed at different hardware stages. 
    • Surfacing speaker related bug logging/verification, and test reporting bugs and deep dive the issues.
    • Pixel sound quality tuning executed by compare several maket product to analysis and enhance competitiveness and user experience.
    • Designed and invited users to do the user study to help optimizion for speaker performance and consistent with pixel product quality
  • Function test of speaker including volume smoothly/consistency and loudness on media, ringtone and notification volume.

JAN 2018 - MAR 2019Pixel Phone Testing and User Perspective Assessment
  • Pixel phone quality assurance and testing including product quality assessment and data analysis to enhance competitiveness and user experience.
    • Audio feature testing including speaker, camera and voice recorder and blurtooth.
    • App testing including Google Photos, YouTube, 3rd party market apps.
  • Pixel phone RMA issues handling.
    • Manual test execution, bug logging/verification, and test reporting.
HTC-Corporation (User Trial Testing Engineer Team)
FEB 2015 - DEC 2017

Application Experience Management

  • Responsible for app testing including Photos, HTC connect, 3rd party market apps. 
    •  Review and manage Dogfood issues, work with RD to solve issues intime.
    • Work with feature PM to design and analyze data and log during thedevelopment stage to improve quality and user experience.
    • Compare and analyze key features and functions with othercompetitive devices to know the product competitiveness.
    • Design user experience questionnaires and analyze survey results foruser satisfaction improvement.


  • Competitor analysis
  • Problem-solving
  • Project management
  • Production and Plan
  • Test Design
  • Bug tracking 
  • Usability test


  • Python
  • C#
  • MySQL
  • Google Data Studio
  • Buganizer
  • ADB commands